The Dhananjayans visit dance school in Seattle 
- Subhashini Vijay Santhanam, Seattle
June 21, 2007 

On June 10, 2007 master teachers - Dhananjayan and Shanta Dhananjayan were in Seattle. They visited the students of Bharatanatyam in 'From Within' school and shared their thoughts and experiences on a number of topics of interest to the assembled students and their parents. 
On receiving related questions from the audience they recounted their student life in Kalakshetra and Shanta teacher's work in Malaysia, talked about the process of training and performances, challenges of doing their Jungle Book production, taught students the importance of self discipline and openness to corrections.  They also consulted on specific exercises for dance posture remedies, watched the students dance for a little bit and ended the workshop with a bhajan presentation on Lord Rama.  
The audience had already been preparing to welcome the gurus and most of them knew of their accomplishments.  But with the presentation, they knew at once that the conviction with which the gurus had spoken for 90 minutes, was a direct result of their life long experience in dance. The audience was moved by the dance of guru Dhananjayan and Shanta teacher's singing.  In all, it was a great inspiration to see and hear the master teachers.