Surprise honor and World Peace Award from Swami Sri Chinmoy 
- V P Dhananjayan, Chennai
June 21, 2007 

Totally unaware and unexpected when such an honor is bestowed on an individual, the thrill and satisfaction is multifold.
We were destined to receive this coveted award and honor in place of the living legend   Sitar maestro Pandit Ravishankar and his wife Sukanya Shankar.  Sri Chinmoy Peace Foundation of Poojyasri Sri Chinmoy had nominated and decided to give this honour to Pt. Ravi Shankar and Sukanya Shankar on the occasion of the foundation's annual convention in San Diego on  June 14, 2007.  Knowing that we were to visit San Diego at the same time, Panditji very graciously and generously opted to recommend and nominate our names for the award and requested Swami Sri Chinmoy to honor us with this year’s ‘Peace Award’ of their organization. 

So when we arrived at San Diego, this surprise was awaiting us on the morning of 14th June.

The award carries an insignia and medal. Swamiji’s blessing is bestowed on specially selected few by lifting them.  (Swamiji is internationally famous for using his Yogic power of concentration to lift any weight. including aeroplanes and elephants). He very casually lifted both of us jointly weighing 300 pounds.
Bharatanatyam guru VP Dhananjayan is the director of Bharata Kalaanjali, Chennai.