Sudha exudes radiance at TALís third anniversary  
- Maremanda Narasimha Murthy 
March 30, 2007 

Telugu Association of London (TAL) celebrated its third anniversary on 24 March 2007 at Lampton School Auditorium in London. Councilors of London Borough of Hounslow Mr. Preetham Grewal, Mrs. Lilly Bath and Mr. Nisar Malik graced the occasion. 

The evening witnessed a graceful and spellbinding dance recital by Ragasudha Vinjamuri. Prologue by Dr Mahesh Kumar- cultural secretary of TAL preceded her performance accompanied by a power point presentation showing some shots on her cultural endeavors. Sudha's performance gave a different dimension to the vibrant function filled with folklore, light music, drama and semi-classical dances.  

Invoking Nataraja with Dhyana slokam, Sudha continued with a lovely opening  Adhyatma Ramayana Keertana written by Munipalle Subramanya Kavi, an eminent scholar poet and musician in Kaalahasti court during 18th century.  

The viewers were dazzled by her adept movements and expressions in the following item Sri Raja Rajeswari ashtakam which is Adi Shankaracharya' beautiful visual experience of the Goddess Parvati.  

Various manifestations of the Goddess from terrifying to the beautiful were displayed by the dancer elegantly and energetically. Fierce as Bhairavi and dark as Kali wearing garland of skulls, bright and brilliant as Savitri, attractive and charming as Mohini, auspicious as 8- armed Bhadra Kali, holding shoolam (spear) dhanush (bow), kusa (noose) and ankusham (goad), and protecting her devotees with gentle glances filled with unconditional love, all these aspects of the Divine Supreme were displayed by Sudha admirably. 

Seated on a lion (veerasana samsthitha), she, Shambhavi - wife of Shambhu, Ambaa- the mother of the universe, is Chidrupi - who possesses divine knowledge. The climax showed that the chanting of this auspicious Stotra endows all with prosperity and leads to salvation. 

The versatile performance simultaneously depicted the devotee and the deity. The audience could clearly watch the performer switch between the two elements. 

Lyrical interpretive support was provided by Srila Sri Kompella Subbarao, Peethadipathi of Sri Rajarajeshwari peetham at Devipuram in Andhra Pradesh which houses the unique and largest Sri Chakra temple in the world. Choreography was refined by guru Usha  Raghavan and music was provided by Dr Uma Rama Rao. 

Maremanda Narasimha Murthy is the Chairperson of UKTI (United Kingdom Telugu Institute).