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Dec 6, 2009

MUDRARNAVA, a thesis book upon Hasta-Mudras, written by BN Manorama, journalism lecturer and editor of 'Noopura Bhramari' bi-monthly on Performing Arts, was released at Janardhana Swamy Temple, Ujire, Dharmasthala, on Nov 22, 2009.
Book Price: 250Rs, Pages: 350, Language: Kannada
Publisher: Kuriya Vittala Shastri Yakshagana Pratishtana, Ujire.
Hasta Mudra is an interdisciplinary subject. The book has covered all the dance mudras used in Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Odissi, Manipuri, Yoga, Mudra chikitsa, Hindu rituals, Veda-Purana-Shastra, Hasta Samudrika, Iconography and Common Communication Status along with Hasta Mudra's political, religious, social nature and history. The book also covers the survey of viewers of dance, in-depth interviews of scholars and experts, and qualitative analysis. The book is an analysis of important books related to dance styles such as Natyashastra, Abhinayadarpana, Hastamukthavali, Hastalakshanadeepika, Hatayoga Pradeepika and a discovery of many old hasta mudras.

Nov 29, 2009

Titled A DANCE IN DIVINITY, Saila Sudha releases a DVD along with an Audio CD in Kuchipudi performed by Prof. Sailaja. The DVD will be released on 13th Dec'09 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai, by Sonal Mansingh. The proceeds go towards the charitable cause of under privileged children. Available in all leading retail outlets.

Aug 20, 2009

'Karana Prakaranam, Marga Tradition Revived' is a DVD by Padma Subrahmanyam, the result of 40 years of research. Produced by Nrithyodaya for Swathi Soft Solutions, the DVD was released on Aug 1, 2009 to commemorate the 80th birth anniversary of Padma Subrahmanyam's brother V Balakrishnan and 75th birth anniversary of his wife Shyamala Balakrishnan.
The DVD includes basic training for Angika Abhinaya like Angas, Upangas of the body and face, Hastas, Sthanas, Caris, Karanas, Saushtava, Recakas, Angaharas, Pindis, Mandalas and Kalpana. The 108 karanas, the basic units of dance, have been demonstrated along with the relevant sculptures interspersed. Vocal support for slokas and songs has been provided by Shyamala Balakrishnan and the prime locations it features are those shot by Balakrishnan.
Price: Rs.650

On July 15, 2009 eParampara Infotainment launched 2 DVDs of Bharatanatyam dancer Chitra Visweswaran's recitals in the 90s - ANU SMRUTI (Cherished recollections - excerpts from recitals in Srilanka) & NATYA NIVEDANA (Aesthetic offering - excerpts from recitals in UK). They feature introductions to each piece given by the dancer herself, with information on the context in which a particular piece was created or choreographed, its significance and special features.

June 6, 2009

On the occasion of Annamacharya's 601 birth anniversary which falls on May 9, a book on Annamacharya's sankeertanas was released at NTR Kalamandiram, Telugu University, Hyderabad. The aim is to spread the message of Annamacharya's sankeertanas, particularly to singers. ANNAMAYA PADAMRITHAVARSHINI is brought out by Sujanranjan, an organisation devoted to the work of popularising Annamacharya sankeertanas.
The book has commentary for all the 310 songs including Adhyathma and Sringara sankeertanas. The commentary has been given by GB Sankara Rao, Biochemistry post graduate who is working as a Quality Assurance Officer in Shantha Biotechnics Ltd., Hyderabad and the songs are compiled by Mahidhara Sita Rama Sarma. The book is especially meant for singers to understand the meaning of songs which will give them an opportunity to perform with Thadthmya Bhava.
There have been attempts to provide commentary to Annamacharya's sankeertanas earlier. Legends like Late Rallapalli Anantha Krishna Sarma, Samudrala Lakshmanayya and Nedunuri Krishnamurthy have worked on commentary orientation.
The book also comes with meanings of critical words like Kanduva, Nirathi, Kouthukamu, Sogisi, Solasi, Soridi, Araya, Arasi, Adanu, Podimi, Chennu, Thathi, Pogaru vennela, Selavi navvulu, Ulipacchi navvulu etc.
Besides being a guide to singers, the book will also help dancers to choreograph the songs. The book also includes two separate sections of Mangala Harathi and Aradhana Sankeerthanas of Annamayya.
Price: Rs.100 (On 50% discount)
Books available at: Sujanaranjani, SRT 922, Sanathnagar, Hyderabad 500018
Mobile: 93464 79649 / e-mail:

May 24, 2009

Odissi dancer/teacher, Uday Kumar Shetty (director of Kalatheera, Bangalore) is publishing and editing a periodical KALASPANDANA, a monthly in Kannada and English language versions for the cause of propagating and creating awareness of the traditional dance forms, contemporary dances & folk art forms. The contributing panel consists of eminent scholars, dance/art historians, folklorists like Prof. Sunil Kothari, Dr. AV Navada, Dr. Raghu Raj Bhat (Kathak), Sudha Shridhar, Dr. Chetana Radhakrishna, Dr. Radhika Ranjini etc.
The inaugural issue was released by Guru MR Krishnamurthy (Kitoo Sir of Kalakshithi) on May 22, 2009 at Nayana Rangamandira, Bangalore.
Contact: Mob: - 09448046368 /

May 18, 2009

'Dynamic women dancers' by Anne Dublin (Canada)
Anne Dublin is a former teacher-librarian in Toronto. Dynamic Women Dancers is the fourteenth title in the Women's Hall of Fame Series. The book profiles ten women dancers from around the world. From classical ballet to modern, flamenco, and Bharatanatyam, these women have made the dance world their stage, performing and teaching all over the globe.
All of them have helped transform their style of dance, paving the way for the next generation. These women share a commitment to making a difference in the world of dance and beyond. Anna Pavlova, one of history's greatest ballerinas, brought classical ballet to all corners of the globe. Bharatanatyam dancer Geeta Chandran has used dance to protest violence against women. Judith Marcuse choreographs dances that explore such issues as teen suicide and the environment. Pearl Primus fought against racism, bringing Caribbean and African influence to modern dance. Their passion has left a lasting mark.
ISBN: 978-1-897187-56-2
128 Pages, 6 X 9 Paperback with B&W Photographs
Price: Rs.591.

April 21, 2009

(A 17th century text on music & dance from Orissa) by Purushottam Mishra enriched by Gajapati Narayanadeva
Edited & translated by Mandakranta Bose (2 Vols)
Price: Rs.2100, ISBN (Hardbound): 8120832884, 9788120832886
Published by Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi
Info: (011) 23851985, 23858335 /;
Language: Sanskrit and English

Sangitanarayana is a Sanskrit text on music and dance written in the 17th century by Purusottama Misra, a minister at the court of King Gajapati Narayanadeva of Parlakimidi in Orissa and his instructor in musicology, with the assistance of the king. While the precise date of the Sangitanarayana is not known, its relationship to Purusottama Misra and Gajapati Narayanadeva prompts us to place it in the first half of the 17th century.
One of the most valuable and extensive texts on music and dance from eastern Indian, Sangitanarayana consists of four chapters, the first on vocal music (gitaniranya), the second on instrumental music (vadyanirnaya), and a fourth chapter that provides examples of musical compositions (suddhaprabandhodharana).
An edition of the text comprising all the four chapters was published first by Orissa Sangeet Natak Akademi in 1966 under the joint editorship of Pt Vanambaracarya, Kalicharan Patnaik and Kedarnath Mahapatra. A more recent edition of the three musicological chapters was accomplished in 1987 by Janothan Katz of Oxford but remains yet unpublished. Present edition is the first critical edition, which also provides an English translation of the text.

April 11, 2009

A DVD titled 'A Dictionary of Kathakali Sign Language (Mudras)' is about the use of mudras in Kathakali. It is produced by Kalamandalam Vijayakumar (Kala Chethana Kathakali Troupe in UK) and lists mudras and about 600 words in alphabetical order. There's also an abridged version of the play 'Duryodhana Vadhom.' Price: Rs.250.

March 19, 2009

Odissi Vision & Movement Centre has recently published a text book on Odissi named KNOWING ODISSI authored by Sharmila Biswas, Artistic Director for OVM. The book has been financially supported by Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi.
The book is aimed towards the learners as well as the teachers of Indian Classical Dance, acting as a reference point for both.
The eleven chapters of this book are a compilation of information required for dance students, mainly Odissi, especially those who are appearing for various board exams in classical dance.

The chapters given are as follows:
1. Indian Classical Dances: Basic information on all classical dances of India
2. Dance Related Terms: Commonly used terms with their explanations
3. Myths & Mythology: Well-known stories related to Indian Gods and Goddesses
4. Connecting Links: Gotipua, Mahari
5. Evolution of the Vedic Religion: Vedas and Puranas
6. Texts: Basic Information on Natyashastra, Abhinaya Darpana, Abhinaya Chandrika and Geeta Govinda
7. Rhythms: Odissi Taals with details
8. Codifications: All the Bhedas from Abhinaya Darpana, Abhinaya Chandrika
9. Art of Communication: Aspects of Abhinaya according to Indian Texts
10. Odissi Gurus: Life and Works
11. Medieval Poets of Orissa: Life and Work

The book costs Rs.300
For enquiries, please call: (033) - 24227597, 32448074, + 91 98300 20770, + 91 99039 73532, + 91 98304 73793 or email

Feb 20, 2009

S. Rajam, Mini Krishnan of Oxford University Press, and
N. Murali, Managing Director, The Hindu
The Oxford Illustrated Companion to South Indian Classical Music - 2nd Edition
By Ludwig Pesch
Price: Rs.1950 (ISBN: 9780195699982)
The title deals with the historical and cultural contexts of the music, its forms, instruments, composers, leading practitioners, and schools.
The book release function was held on 28th Feb 2009 at the TAG. The book was released by N Murali of The Hindu and the first copy was presented to musicologist S.Rajam.

Feb 7, 2009

Kuchipudi DVDs with performance by Alekhya Punjala.
ANNAMAYYA HARI VILASAM, duration: 1 hr 20 mts
Price: Rs.450 each.

Dec 14, 2008

'Women of Pride-The Devadasi Heritage' written by dancer Lakshmi Viswanathan is about the Devadasi tradition of dance in the temples of Tamil Nadu. The book deals with the devadasi heritage, through various eras in legend and history as royal artistes, ritual dancers and entertainers. It was released on Dec 12, 2008 by Vyjayanthimala at Chennai. Published by Roli. Price: Rs.295.

Oct 24, 2008

SMARANAJALI - KATHAKALI PADANGAL by Kalamandalam Unnikrishna Kurup Dinacharana Committee, Irinjalakuda, is a 2 part CD with the recorded voices of Kalamandalam Unnikrishna Kurup and Kalamandalam Sankaran Embranthiri. The first part of the CD has enchanting slokams and padams associated with the Hamsam and Damayanthi in the play 'Nalacharitam Onaam Divasam.' The second part of the CD has four padams; 'Lokapaalanmare' and 'Ghoravipinam' reflect the classicism of Kathakali music. 'Sreemansakhe' and 'Nadhabhavalcharana' are from the play 'Santhanagopalam.'
Price: Rs.100.

Oct 14, 2008

NRITYA SAPTAHAM is a set of DVDs of recordings of live performances of Padma Subrahmanyam on the themes 'Krishnaya Tubhyam Namaha,' 'Ramaya Tubhyam Namaha,' 'Bhagavad Gita,' 'Jaya Jaya Sankara,' 'Meenakshi Kalyanam,' 'Paripadal Mudhal Bharathi Varai,' and 'Sangamam.' There is a choice of commentary in five languages of English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada as well as relevant anecdotes and interesting deliberations of the dancer.
It was launched by Swathi Soft Solutions in Chennai on Oct 9, 2008 to commemorate the company's 10th anniversary.
The set is priced at Rs.4000
Ph: (91-44) - 42316060 / 24984052

September 10, 2008

THE DEVADASI AND THE SAINT - The Life and Times of Bangalore Nagarathnamma
By V Sriram
Bangalore Nagarathnamma (1878-1952) was an important artiste in the world of Carnatic music. She fought for restoring the sanctuary of Tyagaraja, the saint-composer of Thiruvaiyar. This biography reconstructs the details of Nagarathnamma's life, her accomplishments and the social context in which she lived, that was undergoing a major transformation.
Published by East West Books (Madras) Pvt. Ltd
Price: Rs.275

Solkattu Manual: An Introduction to the Rhythmic Language of South Indian Music
by David P Nelson
Publication date: July 31, 2008

It is the first step-by-step introduction to South Indian spoken rhythm intended for college classroom use. It includes instructions for designing performable pieces, accompanied by graphic notations as well as video demonstrations on two DVDs. Solkattu Manual is designed for use in a variety of settings, from percussion studies to general musicianship courses, and does not assume any prior experience with Indian music.

In 1970 David P. Nelson, then a college student, traveled to Madurai, India, to study the mridangam, South Indian music's principal percussion instrument. In his first lesson under legendary court musician and teacher C S Sankarasivam, Nelson was introduced to Solkattu, the rhythm language that is the subject of this manual.

Solkattu is a Tamil word that translates as "words bound together." The "words" are percussive-sounding single syllables, nearly all of which begin with consonants. They are "bound together" on two levels: first, into combinations that comprise phrases. Then, these phrases are combined into larger patterns bound together by meters, called tala. These cyclical meters are counted by recurring sets of hand gestures: claps, waves, and finger counts. Speaking such patterns while counting a tala with the hands is solkattu.

"A street-wise beginner's guide to one of the world's great drumming traditions. Nelson communicates his enthusiasm and knowledge in a step-by-step manual that anyone - novice, student, trained musician, ethnomusicologist - can work through."
- David B. Reck, professor emeritus, Amherst College and author of Music of the Whole Earth

David P Nelson is a member of the music faculty of Wesleyan University, where he is an artist-in-residence in South Indian music.

160 pp., 2 DVDs, 8-1/2 x 11²
$34.95 paper
ISBN: 978-0-8195-6871-7

July 27, 2008

By Ashish Mohan Khokar (Gurus of India Dance Series)
A Biopic on the veteran guru M K Saroja, who has maintained the purity of the form as it was known in the earlier days, by her historian son Ashish. Married to India's leading dance scholar and collector, Prof. Mohan Khokar, her life traces the history of the form as it went north to Baroda and Delhi. Accompanying the pictures, some dating back to Saroja's early childhood, when she was initiated into dance by guru Muthukumara Pillai, it is a first-person narrative by the dance guru, now aged 78, who was recently honoured with the Legends of India Award.
Published by Ekah Bios - Printways
Price: Rs.1100

June 19, 2008

Edited By: Urmimala Sarkar Munsi
978-81-89487-38-6, Tulika, 2008
Hardbound, pp. xxii + 268
List price: Rs 595.00 / $ 25.00
Book Club Members price: Rs 446.25 / $ 18.75
As globalization forces us to revisit the 'local' in dance, an examination of the processes of identity formation, generation and affirmation becomes very necessary. The world of dance in today's context is constantly being shaped by the nature of the state, politicized markets, the dialogues taking place within and between cultures, as well as the growing importance of multimedia skills.
As the identity of dance and of dancers undergoes constant interrogation and reorganization, there is an increasing need to establish dialogues across regions, and to identify and understand the major areas of concern some of which may be common to all, while others may be specific to the social-political-historical conditions of particular countries.
This edited volume, a project of the Research and Documentation Network of the World Dance Alliance-Asia Pacific, brings together renowned scholars from the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas and Europe, to discuss issues of global and local importance that are at the center of contemporary research. It hopes to generate a fruitful inter-regional and/or inter-country understanding of the art form, as dance and dancers themselves step out and transcend borders.
Urmimala Sarkar Munsi, the editor of this volume, is Visiting Faculty at the School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. A trained dancer and choreographer, she is also a social anthropologist specializing in Dance Studies. She is co-Chair of the Research and Documentation Network of the World Dance Alliance-Asia Pacific.
All payments should be in favour of LEFTWORD BOOKS. Please add Rs45/$3
cheques not payable at par in Delhi. To ensure that books are not lost in the post, please add Rs.30 for registration charges.
You can also order and pay online at

April 3, 2008

BELLS OF CHANGE: KATHAK DANCE, WOMEN, AND MODERNITY IN INDIA by visual anthropologist and Kathak exponent Pallabi Chakravorty, "traces the arc of two centuries of Kathak: the colonial nautch dance, classical Kathak under nationalism and post-colonialism, and 'innovation' and 'new directions' under transnationalism and globalisation."
Pallabi Chakravorty is Assistant Professor in the Dept of Music and Dance at Swarthmore College, USA. Founder and artistic director of Courtyard Dancers, she is an anthropologist, dancer, choreographer, and cultural worker. She received an IFA (India Foundation for the Arts) grant in 1997 to study how women Kathak performers in contemporary India were contesting the elitism, patriarchy and nationalism of the 'classical' idiom. Her book draws partly on the research she undertook with this grant.
ISBN: 1905422482
Published by Seagull Books, Kolkata

March 3, 2008

The book 'Hand Gestures of Hastalakshanadeepika in Mohiniattam' by Nirmala Paniker was released on Feb 8, 2008.
Nirmala Paniker began to look for a connection between the traditional forms of Mohiniattam, Nangiar Koothu and Thiruvathirakalli-all indigenous forms featuring female artistes. This led her to great gurus like Bhanu Asan of Thiruvananthapuram from whom she learned Thiruvathirakali and allied forms and to the venerable Ammanur Madhava Chakyar who enlightened her on the various aspects of abhinaya in Koodiyattam and Nangiar Koothu. The research led her to fill in many gaps in the Mohiniyattom repertoire and to write about Hasthalakshanadeepika and its usages in Mohiniattam.
One of her most important contributions is in revitalising the regional aspect of the technique and reviving the Netrabhinaya (expression of the eyes) and Hasthabhinaya (expression by hands or mudras) traditions of Kerala.
For details, contact
Nirmala Paniker, Director
Natanakaisiki, Ammannur Chakyar Madhom, Irinjalakuda 680121 (Kerala, India)
Ph: (91-480) - 2825559

Feb 11, 2008

An audio CD of the Kathakali padams of the play GURUDAKSHINA by Kalanilayam Unnikrishnan and late Kalamandalam Raveendran features padams tuned simply in common ragas like Kalyaani, Madhyamaavathi, Kappi and Poorvikalyaani.
Price: Rs.100

Jan 4, 2008

CHAKYAR RAJAN'S VIDEO CDs - Three-in-one set available for art lovers.
It contains programs, speeches and tributes. Only the postage cost is expected as this gesture is to spread the great art that was his forte and life long dedication.

Contact: Padmaja Suresh
e-mail: or

KATHAKALISWAROOPAM in Malayalam is by brothers Mankombu Sivasankara Pillai and Prof. CK Sivarama Pillai. The work studies how the grammar books ranging from Bharathamuni's Natya Sastra to the Balaramabharatham of Karthika Thirunal have given Kathakali an Indian shape and structure.
Published by Mathrubhoomi Books, Cherootty Road, Kozhikode
Price: Rs.150

A collector of apoorva kritis, S Balachander's collection of 20 compositions of Syama Sastri, Tyagaraja and Muthuswami Dikshitar, has been published in manuscript form with meticulous swara notation and sahitya. He is a singer, flautist, composer, music critic and scholar. APOORVA KRITI MANJARI has been recorded in two audio volumes by his niece Vijayalakshmi Subramaniam, a disciple of S Rajam.

Violinist A Kanyakumari and her disciple V Sanjeev, present nine tillanas of various composers to the accompaniment of an orchestra in DANCING MELODIES - the Tanjore Quartet's Kanada in Tisra Nadai, a piece in Misra Kalyani composed by Kanyakumari and Sulochana Pattabhiraman, M Balamuralikrishna's Brindhavani, Thanjavur S Kalyanaraman's Dwijavanthi, a rare tillana by Ramanathpuram Srinivasa Iyengar in Thodi, and N. Ramani's Madhyamavathi.
Produced by Sa Re Ga Ma, a CD costs Rs.150.

Sept 26, 2007

INDIAN MUSIC AND AN ENCHANTING AMALGAM OF DANCE, by Vasanthy Krishna Rao has an overview of various characteristics of Bharatanatyam, various aspects of Carnatic music, different dance and music forms, life histories and details of songs of 5 eminent composers. This book would appeal to both dancers and musicians.
Sanjay Prakashan, 4378/4 D-209 JMD House, Ansari Rd, Daryaganj, New Delhi
Price: Rs.400

SANKARA MENON: PURUSHOTHAMAN, edited by G Sundari, was released on September 22, 2007 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai, to commemorate K Sankara Menon's birth centenary. The book was released by Justice S Mohan and the first copy received by Dr. Meena Muthiah.

The book contains scholarly articles by Sankara Menon and tributes paid to him by his past students at the Besant Theosophical High School, Kalakshetra and friends.
Sankara Menon (1907 - 1995) was Joint Director of Kalakshetra and after Rukmini Devi passed away in 1986, he became the Director.

Published by his grand niece Indu Jayanthi Varma for The People for Children Foundation
Price: Rs.200
Contact: / (91 - 44) - 42019497

September 22, 2007

The latest issue of DRISHTI (No. 11), the magazine focusing on dance and music, provides delightful fare for readers with different tastes.

Leela Ramanathan, the noted dance historian and writer, delves into the origin and nature of Mohini Attam, in her series on the classical dances of India. Fans of folk dances can read about Veeragase, a popular folk-form of Karnataka. Sneha Nandagopal delineates Veeragase and also chats with GP Jagadish, a veteran Veeragase artist.

Calling himself a happy and satisfied artist, R K Padmanabha is one of those musicians who feel the common man is as supportive of good music as any rasika. His joie de vivre comes across in conversation with Anuradha Vikranth.

In the forum, Drishti Sadas, leading dancers and musicians express themselves on two issues that often confront any artist: Should I perform for free? Should I pay up when some organizers demand payment for staging my performance?

The highlight of Drishti 11 is the updated Drishti Art Resources, a painstakingly compiled directory of resources related to music and dance. Dancers, musicians and anybody related to music and dance swear by it for the authentic information it provides at their fingertips.
The Drishti team is promising a National Drishti Art Resources soon.
This issue of Drishti also has its other regular features:

1. Excerpts from the book 'Euphony' by Dr L Subramaniam and Viji Subramaniam - now dealing with the differences between Western and Carnatic notation systems.

2. Legends of our Land, pen portraits of great legends in the field of music in our country, featuring Pudhukotai Dakshinamurthy Pillai.

3. Timeless Indian Traditions - about why we chant 'Om'.

4. Pratima Kosha, excerpts from the 'Encyclopaedia of Indian Iconography', by Prof. S. K. Ramachandra Rao featuring the description of Apsaras. The article gives abundant information on various hand gestures and poses for choreography.

5. Phocus, a photo feature on upcoming artists, on Parshwanath Upadhye, a young, passionate Bharatanatyam artist.

6. Drishtikosh, a guide to dance and music terminology.

7. Briefcase, news about events related to music and dance.

The Team: Spotting a niche for a magazine on dance and music, a noted Bharatanatyam dancer from Bangalore, Anuradha Vikranth and her husband, TM Vikranth, launched Drishti in November 2002. Anuradha and Vikranth, along with N Narayan, the other member of the Drishti team, promise you a magazine that delights, diverts, instructs and informs.

The growing popularity of Drishti has emboldened them to try and make Drishti a national magazine on dance and music. With that objective, we would like you to contribute to the magazine in any way you think you can - articles, photographs, opinions, suggestions, tips, bouquets and brickbats. Of course, if you also subscribe to Drishti, it will be a matter of great encouragement for us.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Drishti: For Round-the-Year Infotainment, Edutainment and Entertainment!
Anuradha Vikranth
Creative Director
Ph: 0 98455 55422

CLASSICAL DANCES OF INDIA, CD-ROM by Sadhana Productions is targeted at children, teachers and any one who is curious about Indian dances. It features the seven dance styles of India: Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniattam, and Odissi. This interactive resource provides a tantalizing experience of each dance style by looking at the History, Features, Costumes and Music.
Contact: Sadhana Productions
The Dance Workshop 132 Alcester Road, Birmingham B13 8EE UK
Tel: 0121 442 6742, e-mail:

September 16, 2007

BONDING...A MEMOIR, an autobiography by Vyjayanthimala Bali, is co-authored by Jyoti Sabharwal, and gives insights into her film career and ongoing Bharatanatyam career.
It is published by Stellar Publishers.

On Aug 31, 2007 Kalavardhani's releases a DVD titled GANESHA-SKANDHA MARGAM featuring Bharatanatyam by Aruna Subbiah, a senior disciple of Guru Sudharani Raghupathy.
The dance performance celebrates two favourite deities - Ganesha and Muruga, through the Margam format of a Bharatanatyam recital.
Dance direction is by Sudharani Raghupathy, who has been in the field of Bharatanatyam for six decades now. The live orchestra for the dance performance features Nandini Anand (Vocal), Priya Murle (Nattuvangam), KSR Anirudha (Mridangam) and V Muruganandan (Violin).

In the DVD, each dance composition is preceded by a short introductory narrative in English. The compositions presented include:
Pushpanjali - Sharanu Vinayaka ( Karnataka Devagandhari /Adi / Lyrics by Alathoor Vijayakumar). An invocatory item in praise of lord Ganesha.
Jatiswaram (Purvikalyani / Adi / Composed by Vidwan Madurai. N Krishnan). A dance number with rhythmic dance sequences set to swaras or musical patterns.
Shabdham - Kandhane unnai (Ragamalika / Misrachapu). Themed on lord Muruga, this composition is set to a combination of ragas and beats of seven.
Varnam - Om enum porule (Hamsadhwani / Adi / Lyrics and Jathis by KSR Anirudha / Music composed by Nandini Anand). This varnam themed on lord Ganesha presents some of the legends relating to the cheerful lord Ganapathi.
Padham - Sollavallayo kiliye (Ragamalika / Rupakam / Lyrics by Subramania Bharathi). In this composition, the heroine sends her pet parrot as a messenger to lord Muruga.
Thillana (Kannada / Kanda Ekam / Composed by Vidwan Madurai N Krishnan). The concluding piece, which is joyous, short and crisp.

Aruna Subbiah has been a disciple of Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy since 1984. At Shree Bharatalaya, Chennai, Aruna has trained in Bharatanatyam, Carnatic Music, Nattuvangam, theory of dance and choreography and had her Rangapravesam in 1991.

July 2007

"Krishna in Performing Arts" by Shovana Narayan, published by Eastern Book Corporation
Price: Rs.2, 500

"Odissi: An Indian Classical Dance Form"" by Priyambada Mohanty Hejmadi and Ahalya Hejmadi Patnaik, published by Aryan Books International

June 26, 2007

At Home in the World: Bharata Natyam on the Global Stage
by Janet O'Shea

In this critical history of twentieth-century Bharatanatyam, dance scholar Janet O'Shea looks at questions of national, regional, gender, and diasporic identity. At Home in the World investigates the expression of cultural politics through dance choreography and, in turn, how the politics of India and Indian emigrants has affected the performance of Bharatanatyam throughout the world. With over 250 teachers in the United States alone, Bharatanatyam offers a remarkable case study of how a traditional art form moves into the world beyond.

Bharatanatyam's journey from India began in the 1920s, as it moved from its traditional home in the temples and courts of South India to the global concert stage. Through figures such as Uday Shankar, Anna Pavlova, Ragini Devi, Ram Gopal, and Ted Shawn, the history of this dance form intersected with the modernist movement in Europe and North America, the ballet revival, and popular performance in the western world.

O'Shea carefully untangles the complex associations of Bharatanatyam with other dance and art forms, and looks at contrasting positions taken by practitioners of the Bharatanatyam revival. Drawing on insights from postcolonial studies, women's studies, and globalization studies, she considers how performers of the late twentieth century grapple with questions of identity as they choreograph and perform throughout India and throughout the world.

Janet O'Shea is a reader in the department of dance at Middlesex University in the UK, and a dancer. Her articles have appeared in The Drama Review, Asian Theatre Journal, and Dance Research Journal, and she was the 1998 recipient of the Society for Dance History Scholars' Selma Jeanne Cohen Award.

For a review copy or to see a pdf sample from the book, contact
Stephanie Elliott
Wesleyan University Press, 215 Long Lane, Middletown, CT 06459
(860) 685-7723 /

At Home in the World: Bharata Natyam on the Global Stage
by Janet O'Shea
236 pp., 25 b/w illus., 6 x 9"
$70.00 unjacketed cloth
EAN: 978-0-8195-6836-6
ISBN: 0-8195-6836-8
$26.95 paper
EAN: 978-0-8195-6837-3
ISBN: 0-8195-6837-6
Publication Date: May 21, 2007

Dec 9, 2006

'Himakaram' is a famous sequence from 'Asokavanikangam,' the fifth act of 'Ascharyachoodamani' that is considered the first text in Sanskrit theatre to be used in Koodiyattam. Guru Margi Madhu's institution Nepatya, Centre for Excellence in Koodiyattam, is planning on documentation of Koodiyattom and a DVD of 85 minutes duration on HIMAKARAM is the first of the series. The focus is on Ravana in this episode and deals with his infatuation for Sita. Madhu plays the role of Ravana, that has ample scope for abhinaya. There are English subtitles.
Price: Rs.250
Contact: Nepatya Centre for Koodiyattam, Moozhikulam, Kerala

Dec 6, 2006

Book title: Shahaji Yakshagana Prabandalu
Author: Dr. Uma Rama Rao

Dr. Uma Rama Rao's "Shahaji Yakshagana Prabandalu" brings alive an unknown facet of a Maratha ruler. Her book is a page from history. Thanjavur was the seat of fine arts and culture, especially in the 16th and 17th centuries... Shahji II (a Bhonsle of Shivaji's descent) saw flowering of with the ruler himself being a prolific writer. Encapsulating the dramatic element in these compositions so suited to classical dance in her book, she delves deep into the spirit and grandeur of language and thought of Shahji, who was adept in Telugu as if it was his mother tongue. The most interesting
of Shahji's compositions are the Pallaki Seva Prabandams - large epic verses drawn from ritualistic temple dance format which have a unique appeal and artistry.
(Ranee Kumar, The Hindu, Friday Feb 24, 2006)

A dancer, choreographer, research scholar and guru, Uma Rama Rao received her Ph.D. from Telugu University for her exemplary work on "Shahaji Yakshagana Prabandalu." She was also the recipient of the prestigious Sangeet Natak Academy Award in 2003 for her contribution to Kuchipudi. She retired as Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Dance from PS Telugu University and presently serves as the founder - director of Lasya Priya, an academy of Indian Dances and Centre for Higher Learning and Research. She is the author of "Kuchipudi Bharatam" in English and "Telugu Samskruti and Melattur Bhagavata Mela Natakamulu" in Telugu.

Contact: / Phone: (91- 40) - 66789617 & Mobile: 92465 89617 in India

Book Title: BEYOND PERFORMING: ART & CULTURE (Politico-Social Aspects)
Author: V P Dhananjayan, Bharatanaatyam exponent and Guru, founder president, Bharatakalanjali, Adyar, Chennai.

On Dec 5, 2006, His Excellency Governor of Tamilnadu Shri Surjit Singh Barnala released the book at a special function at Raj Bhavan, Guindy. This book is edited by Dhananjayans' senior disciple Tulsi Badrinath and published by BR Rhythms, New Delhi. Dhananjayan's earlier book 'Dhananjayan on Indian Classical Dances' was also published by BRR and this has gone in for 3 editions. Success of this book prompted Dhananjayan to launch the present publication.

'Beyond performing: art & culture' contains various articles not only on art & culture matters, but also political and social aspects. An interesting attraction in the book is the cartoons on arts and social issues by late Sarathy. Dhananjayan's concern for the welfare of society and peaceful co-existence - both artistically and politically are very much evident and his forthright suggestions to Government and public agencies are thought provoking points. Cho Ramaswamy has written the foreword to this book.

The book is Priced @Rs.1195.00 available B.R.Rhythms, email:

RITU SRINGARA, a popular dance presentation of Padmaja Suresh - VCDs of live recording for sale.
In Ritu Sringara, Padmaja Suresh uses Bharatanatyam to portray the Baaramasa (12 months) poetry, and link it with paintings. The different styles of the Pahari School of miniature paintings are linked with poetry, which in turn is set to tunes which are blend of Hindustani and Carnatic music.

Ritu Sringara is a ballet choreographed and performed by Padmaja Suresh and depicts the seasons of the year. It involves visual representation of the classic miniature paintings, with the episodes having been woven around the paintings, using the elements common to both. In Bharatanatyam style with lyrics from Hindi literature in dialects like Avadhi and Brajbhasha. The lyrics are taken from the works of poets / saints Keshavadas, Govindas, Surdas and Meera.
The predominant rasa in the ballet is Sringara (love). So, it is natural; that the characters used for the ballet are the legendary lovers Radha and Krishna and the love-lorn gopikas.
The ballet portrays the changes in the characters' moods sympathetic to the changes in the seasons and in nature. The dancer's portrayal of the changes will be supplemented with slides. The costumes are based on the changing colours of the sun as depicted in the ancient text Sambha Purana.
Padmaja explains the way Krishna is portrayed: "This ballet does not highlight the spiritual version of Krishna as the person who advised Arjuna in the form of Bhagavad Gita. It lays emphasis on the beauty of nature in the different seasons and the fun-filled representatives of love, beauty and fantasy. Krishna is represented as an ordinary mortal."

Contact: or at the following address
Padmaja Suresh, Director, Kalpataru Kalavihar
98/6, Krishnageet Apartments, 2nd Main, Seshadripuram, Bangalore 560020
Ph: (080) - 23343393, Fax: (080) - 23369004, Mobile: 94480 68993

July 16, 2006

A DVD of BHARATANATYAM ADAVUS (an audio-visual aid for day to day practice of adavus with music) by Jayanthi Subramaniam, was released on July 10, 2006 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai. Jayanthi's guru Adyar K Lakshman released the DVD and first copy was received by guru SK Kameswaran.
For details: (91-44) - 24994145 /

July 16, 2006

'FLOWERS AT HIS FEET - An Insight into Annamacharya's Compositions' by Pappu Venugopala Rao is an in-depth study of Annamacharya's colossal range of work like Sringara Sankirtanas, Adhyatma Sankirtanas, compositions on various deities, etc.
Published by Pappus Academic and Cultural Trust (PACT), 36/11, Canal Bank Road, R. A. Puram, Chennai 600028
Price: Rs.300

July 15, 2006

Sangeet Natak, Vol XL, No.1, 2006
'The Performing Arts: A Mantra for Healing'
This is a special issue on Healing through the Arts published by Sangeet Natak Akademi.
For the first time in the history of any governmental body dedicated to performing arts, this issue talks exclusively about healing through dance, music, theatre, sound, puppetry etc. The 104 page journal is 40 pages more than a normal SNA Journal with some rare photographs capturing the range of work, in cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and also for the first time, Andaman and Nicobar islands. It looks at the work being done in Nias, Indonesia and in Singapore, in an attempt to underscore the link that defines the collective vision of Asian tradition of healing.
Articles are by Shanta Serbjeet Singh, Shruti, Kanaka Sudhakar, Ambika Kameshwar, Tripura Kashyap, Anurupa Roy, Sangeeta Isvaran, interviews with Syed Sallaudin Pasha and Alvin Tan. Edited by youngest guest editor Lada Guruden Singh.

Price: Rs.15 (for individuals), Rs.25 (for institutions/libraries), single issue $5
Annual subscription: Rs.50 for individuals, Rs.75 for institutions/libraries (Rs.30 extra for registered mail)
Annual overseas subscription: $15 (10$ extra for airmail)

Cheques/drafts/postal orders covering subscription should be payable to:
Secretary, Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi

Published by Sangeet Natak Akademi, Rabindra Bhavan, Feroz Shah Rd, New Delhi 110001

June 28, 2006

'TOLPAVA KOOTHU: SHADOW PUPPETS OF KERALA' by G Venu (Natana Kairali, Irinjalakuda), is about the shadow puppet theatre tradition of Kerala. The book is an informative source about the making of the puppets, the themes used in the shadow play, the venues where they are performed and so on.
Published by Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi and Hope India Publications
Price: Rs.295

June 25, 2006

The second edition of NANGYAR KOOTHU by guru Nirmala Paniker was released in January 2006 at the International seminar on Kutiyattam conducted at Trivandrum. The first edition was published in 1992. Sanskrit slokas and its Attaprakarams (acting manuals) of Sreekrishna Charitam Nangyar Koothu have been included in this revised edition.
Contact Natana Kairali, Irinjalakuda, Kerala: ((91 - 480) - 2825559 /

Audio CD NATYOLLASAH by Padmaja Suresh has traditional and thematic Bharatanatyam repertoire.
It features Todayam, Ganesha Kavutvam, Jatiswaram, Swarajati, Varnam, Javali, Navarasa, Navagraha, Tillana (Spring).
The CD is of 80 minutes duration.
Cost: Rs.360 in India and Rs.460 outside India including postage.
It is available only at Kalpataru Kalavihar, Bangalore, India
Contact Padmaja Suresh: / (91-80) - 23343393
The proceeds from the audio CDs goes towards project 'Kalachaitanya'- the charitable wing of Kalpataru Kalavihar - for propagating arts for underprivileged children.

THEATRE ARTS FOR HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT authored by Ambika Kameshwar released on March 11, 2006 at Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai.
For details, contact: (91- 44) - 24939916 /

NAVKALEVAR is a beautiful documentary film made by Prithviraj Misra from Orissa about the ritual of the temple servants going into the forest to search for and do Puja to the trees to be sacrificed to become the new incarnations of Jagannath, Balabadra and Subadra for the Puri temple of Puri, Orissa.
It is available on VHS (NTSC system)
Contact Barbara Mintz:

NIRMALAM: THE GENIUS OF S SARADA published by Arangham Trust in celebration of S Sarada's 90th birthday, was released on Dec 17, 2005 during the 25th Natya Kala Conference at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai. Compiled and edited by Anita Ratnam in consultation with Theosophist G Sundari, the book is the first complete compilation of the respected Sanskrit scholar and arts 'savant' Peria Sarada of Kalakshetra.

The book contains a foreword by Anita Ratnam as well as tributes paid to 'Peria Sarada teacher' by scholars, dance teachers, dancers, dance students, musicians, friends and well wishers from all over the world - those who have interacted with her over the years. The first copy was received by R Yagnaraman, Secretary, Krishna Gana Sabha.

About the Title:
All words and sentiments expressed about Peria Sarada teacher contained one presiding motif - gentleness. Apart from her scholarly brilliance, it was this one quality about her persona and attitude that is best remembered. The Sanskrit word "NIRMALAM" seemed to best reflect those qualities. Like moonrays - soft, radiant and luminous, Teacher's genius has illuminated so many minds and lives. It seemed as if that one word could best describe her contribution to Kalakshetra and dance. A perfect counterpoint to the dynamic brilliance of Rukmini Devi's solar energy. A gentle moon shining softly alongside blazing sunlight. Sometimes hidden but never forgotten.

Featured in the book
  • A long first person account by S Sarada of her early years the Theosophical Society.
  • Sarada's 'Advice from a veteran' is a full chapter dealing with the correct dancing techniques and the disturbing trends seen today in Bharatanatyam. This profound and valuable information is excerpted from Sruti magazine.
  • 3 page pictorial depiction of Abhinaya by S Sarada, courtesy Sruti magazine.
  • Tributes paid to S Sarada by scholar Kapila Vatsyayan, dance gurus Mrinalini Sarabhai, Sarada Hoffman, Dhananjayans, Kunhiramans, C V Chandrasekhar, Adyar Lakshman etc, Leela Samson (Director of Kalakshetra), flute maestro N Ramani, musician Karaikudi Subramanian, past students and well wishers.
  • Quotes by S Sarada
  • Many rare personal photographs.
About S Sarada
"Few carry monumental scholarship, creativity and critical insights with such grace, dignity and humility." - Scholar Kapila Vatsyayan on S Sarada

In building up Kalakshetra, Rukmini Devi used her immense talent for persuading others to share her vision and dedicate themselves to the institution. Using this talent, she brought many stalwarts to Kalakshetra. Only one who later became a pillar at this temple of arts was virtually a beginner when she entered its portals. It was S Sarada, known within the campus as Peria Sarada.

Sarada came to Kalakshetra in 1939 as a young woman of 24, well acquainted with various works of art and advaita but still a non-entity. When she retired from Kalakshetra in 1985, she was acknowledged as a diligent scholar and a fine teacher, her name synonymous with the institution next only to Rukmini Devi and Sankara Menon.
  • Peria Sarada has shaped many a talented teacher of Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music, vocal and instrumental.
  • Sarada was the first person to write a book about Rukmini Devi and her dance-drama productions.
  • Sarada has edited the matter for all the 24 dance dramas presented by Rukmini Devi along with the Pundits S.Venkatachala Sastri and Adinarayanan Sarma. This included the Valmiki Ramayana.
  • Sarada devised a method of writing down Bharata Natya in notation form. It is being followed now in Kalakshetra and elsewhere.
  • She drafted a syllabus and method teaching Dance Theory, suited to modern times, for use in Kalakshetra.
  • Students of Kalakshetra who were taught by Sarada include Yamini Krishnamurthi, the Dhananjayans, Sarada Hoffman, Anjali Mehr, C V Chandrasekhar, Adyar Lakshman, Krishnaveni Lakshmanan and Leela Samson to name a few.
Published by: Arangham Trust
Price: Rs.200/=

Available at:
Karnatic Music Book Centre, 23A Sripuram First St, Royapettah, Chennai 600014
Ph: (91 - 44) - 28111516, 28113253, e-mail:

On August 17, 2005, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and Asia Pacific Performing Arts Network (APPAN) presented the launch of BEYOND DESTINY- THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SUBBUDU (The Biography of India's eminent performing arts critic PV Subramaniam), published under Bhavan's Book University and authored by Lada Guruden Singh. Neena Ranjan (Secretary to GOI, Culture) received the first copy from C R Gharekhan (Vice Chairperson, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi Kendra) at India International Centre Annexe, New Delhi.

Put into place through scores of interviews with the country's top musicians, dancers and critics, it is perhaps the first ever biography of a critic. The book captures Subbudu's rise as a critic, by juxtaposing it with the way Indian performing arts have shaped up post independence.
Published by Bhavan's Book University, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Mumbai)
Price: Rs.275

September 14, 2005

'RAMLI! THE HEART OF SUTRA' is a pictorial biography of contemporary Malaysian dance icon Ramli Ibrahim and chronicles his milestones and achievements from his early years up to present times. The foreword is an analysis of Ibrahim's career provided by James Murdoch, a distinguished writer of contemporary dance and music.
The book has been designed by William Harald-Wong, who collaborates closely with Sutra Dance Theatre, founded by Ramli in 1983 at Kuala Lumpur. Photographs are by Eric Peris, Chu Li, Syed Zainal Rashid and Sivarajah Natrajan. It was released in Chennai under the aegis of Forum Art Gallery on Sept 3, 2005.
"Classical Dances of India" by Saroja Vaidyanathan was released on July 5, 2005 at India Habitat Centre, Delhi, by chief minister Sheila Dikshit. The book is about the 8 classical dance styles of India, its nuances, relevant music, costumes and jewellery.

Published by Ganesa Natyalaya, the book has 140 pages and 230 photographs of eminent dancers and scholars.

August 12, 2005

Cultural Centre of India Releases a World Calendar

Dances of India: World Calendar 2006 & 2007 celebrates religions and countries from around the globe. Each year is themed with beautiful images of the elegant dancer, Meena Apurva.

This calendar is themed "Dances of India." It explores the most ancient and stunning dance forms of the world. The calendar incorporates major religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikh, Jain, etc.) observances, cultural
festivals, new and full moons, and National Heritage days. This is a great asset for multi-national companies, organizations, schools, universities, libraries and individuals.

This calendar is available at major retail stores.
Amazon Link
For more information, please contact:

July 12, 2005

TEN LESSONS IN STRESS REDUCTION - VCD + 100 page Booklet describing the practices
Stress Busting Techniques of GITANANDA YOGA presented by Yogacharini Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani, Director, International Centre for Yoga Education and Research (ICYER)
16-A, Mettu Street, Chinnamudaliarchavady, Kottakuppam, Pondicherry 605 104
For details, e-mail: (or)
Phone: 91-413-2622902, 91-413-2241561

July 11, 2005

Ananda Ashram at the International Centre for Yoga Education and Research, Pondicherry (ICYER) has embarked on a project of releasing various DVDs related to application of Gitananda Yoga. The first of these is a DVD on PRANAYAMA FOR HEALTH AND WELL BEING that contains 25 evergreen Pranayama techniques of Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga, presented by Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, Chairman of ICYER, Pondicherry. This is the first time the Pranayama teachings of Yogamaharishi, Dr Swami Gitananda Giri, are being presented for a worldwide audience through this new medium. The project is being produced by the well-known music company Super Audio, Chennai (, and will be marketed by them all over the world.

The DVD has been made in four languages - English, French, Spanish and Hindi - and is of 56 minutes duration.
For details, contact:

July 11, 2005

Featuring Padma Chebrolu

After intense training for many years, during Ranga Pravesam the guru presents his or her disciple to the public. Dances of India - Kuchipudi Ranga Pravesam (entering the stage or debutante) DVD - Box Set - featuring dancer, Padma Chebrolu brings you the traditional Kuchipudi dances and music used during the formal performances.

Kuchipudi was originated by Guru Siddendra Yogi (12th Century AD) in the Kuchipudi village of Andhra Pradesh (a state in India). This splendid dance form is profoundly aesthetic and the experience of watching it is most exhilarating. Strictly adhering to the rules laid down in Bharata's Natya Shastra (Science of Dancing) and Nandikeshwra's Abhinaya Darpana (Mirror of Expression), Kuchipudi has all the salient features of a classical dance. All its compositions are set to Carnatic music (classical music from South India) and songs are written in Telugu language.

Kuchipudi is a perfect balance between three aspects- Nritta, Nritya and Natya, each being equivalent in nature. The Nritta is a rhythmic sequence that concludes a song or a verse; the Nritya, in which the rhythmic passages are followed by interpretations alternately; Natya is a complete dance drama with a story-line and various characters. The graceful movements, intricate footwork, complicated rhythmic patterns, beautiful facial expressions, and the rapid tempo of the Kuchipudi dance distinguish it from other dance forms.

Dances included are; 1.Ranga Puja 2. Jathiswaram 3. Bhama Kalapam 4. Om Kara Pada Varnam 5. Krishna Sabdam 6. Padam 7. Bala Gopala Tarangam and 8. Krishna Mangalam
Run time 60 minutes.

This box set includes:
1. Dances DVD with subtitles of lyrics and meaning of the songs
2. Audio CD which has all the songs
3. And a Booklet with the lyrics and meaning

DVD Link on

Website Link & Audio Clips:


May 6, 2005

"My body, my wisdom - a handbook of creative dance therapy" by Tripura Kashyap takes the reader through the history, philosophy and practical aspects of dance or movement therapy. It attempts to demystify the discipline and make it accessible to the lay reader as well as the practitioner. There is detailed description of over a hundred movement activities and games accompanied by illustrations.
A Penguin original, priced at Rs.250
Dancing in the Family
An Unconventional Memoir of Three Women
by Sukanya Rahman

Dancer/artist Sukanya Rahman's best-selling book, Dancing in The Family: An Unconventional Memoir of Three Women, is now available in paperback, published by Rupa and distributed by Dance in Maine Foundation.

For mail orders, please send a check, payable to 'Dance in Maine Foundation', for $19.00 (includes shipping and handling) to:

Dance in Maine Foundation
124 Bayview Rd.
Orrís Island, Maine 04066, USA

The Dancing in the Family web site:

Review Excerpts from the first hardcover edition:
Dancing in The Family
Sukanya Rahman / Harper Collins India

"... a funny engaging memoir of three generations of unconventional women — Ragini Devi, Indrani Rahman and Sukanya... it deserves to be read, not merely because it is about extraordinary women set against the changing historical backdrop of Indian classical dance, but primarily because it is a story well told..."
The Hindu

"This is a fascinating addition to 20th century dance history, as well as an extraordinary east-west saga and the chronicle of a remarkable family. Sukanya Rahman, who had a ringside seat for many of the adventures she records here, writes with abundant charm, humor and insight."
Laura Shapiro, author and dance critic

"...I loved it - it's a really lovely work of love - the image of your American grandmother - riding around, broke, with a troupe and costumes all over India is haunting - such eccentric courage!"
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

"Stories of immigrants who forge a new American identity are commonplace, but it is more unusual to hear of Americans who reinvent themselves as members of another ethnic and cultural group... It's not necessary to meet Sukanya Rahman to appreciate Dancing in the Family. This ambitious first book succeeds both as a documentary of her family's contribution to Indian dance and as a personal memoir of her own evolution."
The Portland Phoenix, March 29, 2002

"Born Esther Luella Sherman in 1893 in suburban Michigan, and raised in Minneapolis, Ragini Devi, after an early start in silent movies and exotic oriental dancing, became convinced that she was a reincarnated Hindu whose sole mission in life was to spread the gospel of Indian dance to the world...
Rahman's mother was the famous Indrani Rahman, the half-Indian, half-American beauty crowned Miss India in 1952...But Indrani¹s real contribution was as the dancer who put classical Indian dance on the world map from the early 1950s on... Sukanya has pored deep into her family history and into her own reservoir of childhood memory and tells the story with uncommon insight and vivid humour."
Outlook, February 11, 2002

Book excerpt:
1. Rehearsal
Dance was a family obsession. There was no escaping it. It was our religion. Dance came first.
When my grandmother did something grandmotherly, like take me to the circus, she would embarrass me horribly by demonstrating dance steps along the sidewalk. My father, a distinguished architect by profession, would cap off each dinner party at our Calcutta flat with an imitation of the American modern dancer, Martha Graham. My mother, when she wasn't travelling all over the country studying or performing, would convert our drawing room into a rehearsal studio. And my grandfather, whom I had not yet met, would write to me often from New York, urging me not to become a dancer.
spring issue 2005
READING DANCE - a tale of the texts

Cover Feature
~ Reading dance - a tale of the texts
Canada-based Professor Emerita Mandakranta Bose examines the two millennia-old sub continental textual tradition that surrounds, underlies and engages with the art of dance and dramatic performance.

Other Features
~ The hot chariot of the Sun god
Odissi has been sizzling for some time and not just because of the love lyrics of its traditional songs. Rife with ideological policing of the 'correct' school, there have been plenty of goings-on behind doe-eyed twinkles and painted toes that have marginalised other, equally authentic and innovative styles, writes dance scholar Dr. Alessandra Lopez y Royo.
~ Challenging the Euro-American read on dance
A pioneering new suite of courses with a particular pedagogy sets about challenging the 'local' or 'national' approach to the academic study of south Asian dances. It is high time we moved to a Comparative Studies mode, whether in India or abroad, writes Dr. Avanthi Meduri.
~ Surrounded by film
Almost forever, 'filmi' music and dance have been rippling through young hearts and bodies - in India and abroad - popular entertainment. But, for new generations of the subcontinent's diaspora and their friends, is Bollywood dance with classical traces replacing kathak and bharatanatyam as the premier art form of Indian culture? Richard Turner finds out.

Profile - Gauri Sharma Tripathi
~ They dance to her beat
Gauri Sharma Tripathi's measured, minimalist elegance in movement is punctuated by razor-sharp freezes; but far from being a lone, beautiful stylist, her interpretation has caught the dedicated attention of a whole bunch of young women who want an integrated bit of both worlds, the one they know here and the one their parents speak of. Bithika Chatterjee finds out how 'Gauri' does it.

~ The nattu adavu
Following the exposition of the basic but all-important araimandi stance for bharatanatyam in pulse autumn 2004, Mavin Khoo shares his teaching insights on the nattu adavu, a critical movement unit as it exemplifies the geometry of the form.

~ The Lall Diaries
With this third and final part, we conclude the serialisation begun in pulse summer 2004 of the compelling personal journal of Anusha Lall, which she kept during a one year Certificate course at the London School of Contemporary Dance.

E-mail from Ahmedabad
~ Peering into Darpana - 29th Vikram Sarabhai International Arts Festival
Visiting the institution on the occasion of the 27th Vikram Sarabhai International Festival, Prarthana Purkayastha encounters new work and new rationales for work.

Performance Reviews
- Thumri and Kathak by Bireshwar Gautam - Sushma Mehta (Reviewer)
- Bharatanatyam repertoire by Mavin Khoo - Leela Venkataraman (Reviewer)
- Flicker by Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company - Shiromi Pinto (Reviewer)
- Women are from Venus by Srishti - Nina Rajarani Dance Creations - Annapoorna Kuppuswamy (Reviewer)
- Red by Sonia Sabri Dance Company - Kush Saini (Reviewer)

Don't miss out on this issue!!!!
Available from 31st March 2005
Annual subscription fee: 12 GBP, 25 Euros, 35 USD and 750 INR
Pulse is published every spring, summer and autumn

If you would like to subscribe or renew your subscriptions, simply send us your mailing address with a cheque made payable to Kadam Asian Dance and Music at the following address.

Anita Srivastava
Pulse subscriptions Department
1 Lurke Street
Bedford MK40 3TN
For further details, write to
Odissi dancer Manjushree Panda has written a book on Odissi dance titled THE MOKSHYA SUTRA, which was released on Dec 14, 2004 at Bhubaneswar by novelist Dr.Pratibha Roy. The book contains information about the interrelationship between theory, technique, literature and music of Odissi, theoretical study from ancient times to temple services, textual evidences, manuscript evidences, rites and rituals followed in dance during different times and so on.
Published by Rudrakshya Publication
Number of pages: 104
Price: Rs.276
Contact: /

March 11, 2005

The forthcoming issue of 'attendance' is a Kathak/Khajuraho and Kelubabu Special. The idea is this time to try a focus on a person, a place and a form. Articles by Janaki Patrik, Utpal Banerji, Manjari Sinha, Matteo, Milena Salvini, Shanta Serbjeet Singh, and many more embellish the issue. Ashish Mohan Khokar's forthcoming Orissi book extracts on history of Orissi; the importance of Khajuraho as a Dance Festival and who the news stars of Kathak are, will be platformed, in addition to review of the year that was; obits, books, etc....Hardbound, color, Rs.500 only and international US$25 equiv.
Write to for information.
Book 'Shishu Sadhana - a child friendly Bharata Natya repertoire' with a DVD
by Mamata Niyogi-Nakra, released at Centre St-Pierre, Montreal, on 16th January 2005.

The work on Shishu Sadhana started in 1994. "Shishu Sadhana has been created in the spirit of sharing my teaching experience of over two decades with younger Bharata Natya dance teachers at Kala Bharati, and by extension, with anyone else who is interested in teaching dance to children. I, on my part feel a sense of fulfillment, as my Guru the well known U.S. Krishna Rao, who was the first one other than O.S. Arun to receive Shishu Sadhana and view the DVD, has sent his blessings," says Niyogi-Nakra. "I am trying to form a core group of dance teachers involved in training the young in Classical Indian Dance, who would eventually be interested enough to become active members of daCi (Canada) - to raise the awareness within the Indian dance community of the International organization Dance and the Child International (daCi)."

The book including the DVD is being distributed free of charge but, depending on your address, some postal charges may be required.

"I was very much impressed by Sunday's presentation and the scope of your project and this dear little book reinforces my enthusiasm for what you have done. Not only does it fetchingly describe the process of realization of your dream with warmth and heartfelt memories, it does so with great allure reflecting the child-friendly Shishu Sadhana that you have created in similar style and grace. Somehow with this new repertoire, you transcended your adulthood to become a child again. You teased classical dance ideas in such a way that they entered and enriched the child in each of us, reawakening the joys of universal childhood. I am sure it will delight children of today and tomorrow as much as those of yesterday."
- Linde Howe-Beck, Montreal based dance critic and writer

For information on Shishu Sadhana, and other allied subjects related to 'Dance and the Child,' visit
This book not only satisfies the need of students but also gives the common man a wide scope to understand this art form due to its simple and lucid language. Except for one chapter, this book would be useful for all the classical dance forms, as it is completely based on the Natya Shastra and Abhinaya Darpanam. Raja Rammohan Roy Library, Calcutta, has selected this book for distribution to Central Libraries all over the country and Public Libraries in Andhra Pradesh.
KUCHIPUDI KALAPAS - An Odyssey Rediscovered, thoroughly explains about the
development of art in Andhra Pradesh, Yakshaganas, and Kalapas.
Both the books are priced at Rs. 180/- & Rs.150/- each, respectively
Book release: Wednesday, 26 January 2005, by Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi, and Dr. Karan Singh, MP.
SO MANY JOURNEYS is a book of contemporary writings on Bharatanatyam by Geeta Chandran (with Rajiv Chandran). It is a compilation of Geeta's impressions on her journeys with classical dance. The articles are an insider's view of a difficult profession; some of the articles are intensely personal and biographical.
The book is an offering to the contemporary dance dialogue written by a practitioner who loves her dance and takes immense pride in the fact that she had the opportunity to learn this wonderful art form at the feet of stalwart Gurus, and who has continued to experience great joy and satisfaction in performing it and sharing it with widening audiences.
Lavishly produced and illustrated with scores of wonderful images of dance, this glossy book aims to move Indian publishing on the arts to a new frontier.
Design: Award winning NID graphic designers Jiten Kalra and Sumir Tagra.
Published by Niyogi Offset Pvt. Ltd.
Price: Rs.3, 500
pulse autumn issue 2004 There are many urban myths and major misunderstandings surrounding issues of copyright... Read and discover in the autumn issue of pulse how you can make copyright your friend.
The cover story Whose right is it anyway? is written by Madeline Hutchins who is currently putting together Arts Council England's website on copyright issues - and pulse is the first among dance magazines to cover this important topic. Technology makes transmission and copying swift and sure, and dancers voraciously scour old and fresh material to make new work. Typically, this also means using others' work, especially music or text, and even ideas. It makes good sense for practitioners to know some basics, both about their own rights as well as others'....

Editor: Chitra Sundaram Cover Feature Whose right is it anyway? Read Madeline Hutchins professional practice toolkit specially aimed at dance practitioners - and it has some surprises!Features

A perfect form
- Magdalen Gorringe, who spent this summer in India with world class Bharatanatyam artist Leela Samson, encounters her training and choreographic approaches to ensemble work, and discovers the exhilaration of aspiring to perfection.

Fest-ing in Edinburgh!
- Prarthana Purkayastha devours the Edinburgh Fringe festival and shares the tale of masks and lamentations, of physical theatre and dance. A different dream for the big apple - Bombay Dreams, playing across the pond in NYC remains flavourful, but the brew gets a bit weaker across the Atlantic writes Preeti Vasudevan who visited the London cast for an earlier pulse. ProfileRebel with a cause - Kumudini Lakhia has been called a rebel, labelled a revolutionary, and anointed a visionary. London may be a different place from the '50s when she first performed here as a teenager but her fervour for structures and movements, and an aesthetic with which to celebrate the form has not altered, as Ann David finds.

The araimandi For the first of his new column on technique, Mavin Khoo focuses on Bharatanatyam's hallmark 'half sitting' stance, providing anatomical insights and practical tips for an efficient and effective way to achieve the difficult position. Training The Lall Diaries - Part 2 Pulse continues the serialisation begun in summer issue 2004 of the compelling personal journal of accomplished Bharatanatyam performer Anusha Lall, kept during her time at the London School of Contemporary Dance. Her observations cover learning and teaching methods, schemes for understanding the body and training it, as well as movement and creation in western contemporary dance - all especially relevant as three south Asian dance students are admitted this autumn 2004 term to the LCDS's new BA programme with Kathak or Bharatanatyam as specialisations.
Performance Reviews Exquisite Indian Dance: Aditi Mangaldas / Surupa Sen & Bijayini Satpathy - by Chitra Sundaram ma: Akram Khan Company - by Prarthana Purkayastha A mixed bill Synergy '04 / Incense: Kali Dass / Liz Lea - by Gig Payne Chandra/Luna: Mavin Khoo Dance - by Bithika ChatterjeeAvailable from 16th November 2004

Annual subscription fee: £12 Pulse is published every spring, summer and autumn If you would like to subscribe or renew your subscriptions, simply send your mailing address with a cheque for £12 made payable to Kadam Asian Dance and Music at the following address. Anita Srivastava Pulse subscriptions Department 1 Lurke Street Bedford MK40 3TN For further details, write to subscriptions@pulsedance.orgpulse - Britain's premier magazine for south asian dance, funded by Arts Council England and published by Kadam Asian Dance and Music Ltd

December 28, 2004

Combo Pack of DVD -Video & Audio CD with 2 Varnams
Theory, Demonstration & Recital, and audio tracks of two varnams by Bharatanatyam dancer Priyadarshini Govind.

Contains exhaustive video demo on Trikala Jathi with variations, Arudi, Jathis, Sahitya, Sanchari, Sarpanadai & Thattimettu, Mukthyisvara, Charanam, Charana Svaras, Svarakshara, Makuta Svara.

- "Manavi..." composed by Ponnaya, one of the Thanjavur Quartet in raga Sankarabharanam set to Adi Tala is amorous in content and carries allegorical description of the yearning and ultimate union of the soul with the divinity - Lord Brihadisvara of Thanjavur.

- "Nee Manamirangi..." composed by Andavan Pichai in raga Lathangi and set to Adi Tala, stresses the 'bhakti' (devotion) element by extolling the glory of Lord Muruga.
Price: Rs.1250
VCD double pack - Twin Pack VCD containing both volume 1 & 2

Theory, Demonstration and Recital by Bharatanatyam dancer Priyadarsini Govind
Volume 1 - Covers theory & demonstration with exhaustive video demo of more than one hour
Volume 2 - features recital of the above two varnams.
Price: Rs.550
This product developed by Swathi Soft Solutions under their Sanskriti Series.
Koochipoodi / Vilasini Natyam exponent Swapnasundari makes her debut as an author with her book THE WORLD OF KOOCHIPOODI DANCE. The book traces the journey of Koochipoodi from its humble beginnings into the 21st century, and looks at the inter-relationship between Koochipoodi and its co-existent traditions. She provides information on various features of Koochipoodi, little known aspects of this tradition and the nature of various contributions made to it as also its adaptation to individual artistic expression.
The book features 173 color and 21 B & W photos. Many will be seen for the first time in a book.
For info, e-mail:
Published by Shubhi Publications, the book costs Rs.3500 and has 188 pages.
Udipi Lakshminarayan and Natya Manjari released the book LAGHU NRITYA SANGRAHA - a guide to theory of Bharatanatyam on Nov 24, 2004 at Rama Rao Kala Mandap, Chennai.

Oct 2004

THE VOICES OF THE HEART - AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Mrinalini Sarabhai has been published by Harper Collins.
Cost - Rs.495.

Oct 2004

NARTANAM - a quarterly journal of Indian dance, Vol IV #3, July - Sept 2004 felicitates Kuchipudi Guru Vempati Chinna Satyam who turned 75 on Oct 15, 2004.
For copies contact,
CELEBRATION OF LIFE: INDIAN FOLK DANCES by the late Jiwan Pani is a fund of information on the variety of Indian folk dances, which have been neatly divided into various categories. Price: Rs.260 (hard back) and Rs.210 (paper back).
Published by Publication Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt of India, Patiala House, New Delhi.

Oct 26, 2004

PERFORMING ARTISTES IN ANCIENT INDIA by noted author and scholar Iravati, deals with different kinds of performers and performances, devadasis etc. It focuses on the contribution of performing artistes to the evolution of ancient Indian theatre.
Published by D K Printworld (P) Ltd, New Delhi
Price: Rs.950

October 18, 2004

Dancing Identity: Metaphysics in Motion' by Sondra Fraleigh presents a series of interconnected essays composed over a period of fifteen years. The wide-ranging themes explored in Dancing Identity are tied together by a personal narrative.

"Part theory, part memoir, part dance analysis, Dancing Identity shakes loose many traditionally held assumptions about the dancing body. In the highly original series of essays, ranging from ballet to Butoh, Sondra Fraleigh offers illuminating insights in her quest to unravel the mind/body split." - Julie Malnig, The Gallatin School, New York University.

"A kaleidoscope of what it is to be human. Fraleigh project is not just to articulate the human potential of an existential metaphysics, but dancing as the mode of existential being par excellence." - Nigel Stewart, Lancaster University.

"An arresting and relentless examination of dance, gender, and identity. Fraleigh's autobiographical elements are remembered with wonder against overwhelming odds. I felt empowerd as a woman through her words." - Tamah Nakamura, Kyushu University.

Sondra Fraleigh is a professor emeritus of the State University of New York, Brockport, and director of the East West Somatics Institute for Dance and Somatic Movement Therapy. For details:
Published by University of Pittsburgh Press / 256 pp. · 6 x 9 · illus.
0-8229-4239-9 / Cloth $32.50

Oct 5, 2004

Kathak dancer Manjari Chaturvedi renders a beautiful Bindadin Maharaj thumri. Accompanying artistes: Vocals: Dharam Nath Mishra, Tabla: Arun Bhatt, Sarangi: Vinod Mishra, Sitar: Sibte Hasan. Manjari has trained initially in the Lucknow gharana of Kathak under the guidance of Arjun Mishra, learnt abhinaya under Kalanidhi Narayan and gained exposure to other dance forms at Nrityagram. She is particularly drawn to Sufi mysticism and has endeavored to incorporate movements in her performances that are reminiscent of the meditative practices of the whirling dervishes. She refers to her dance style as Sufi Kathak.
This VCD has been released by Underscore Records Pvt. Ltd.
Price: Rs.150
Contact: or
BHARATANATYAM - THE CLASSICAL COLLECTION, a collection of 8 DVDs priced at Rs.6900/- (Rupees six thousand and nine hundred only).
dvd 1 - Introduction, mudras, adavus, performance
dvd 2- Kalakshetra - training, demos, interviews, dance drama rehearsals
dvd 3- Sarasalaya - training, demos, interviews, performance by Shilpa
Sukumar, Revathy Ramachandran
dvd 4- Kalasadanalaya - music, training, demonstrations,interviews, performance by Revathy Ramachandran
dvd 5- Bharata Kalanjali - training, interviews - Dhananjayan , music,demonstrations
dvd 6 - Shree Bharatalaya - music, training, demonstrations, interviews - Sudharani Raghupathy
dvd 7 - Chidrambaram School Of Performing Arts - music, training, demonstrations, interviews - Chitra Vishwesharan
dvd 8 - natya nrita nritya - alarippu - Sheejith, jathiswara - Sooryanarayana Moorthy, shabdam - Roja Kannan, varnam - Revathy Ramachandran, javali - Uma Muralikrishna, padam-Priya Govind, thilllana- Jayanthi Subramanium.
Contact: infodrive software limited
203/91 V M Street, Mylapore, Chennai 600004.
Ph: 24983244 / 24980616
mobile: 98400 23583
Nartanam - a quarterly journal of Indian Dance, April - June 2004 is a special feature on Kelucharan Mohapatra. Nartanam is published as a quarterly by Kuchipudi Kala Kendra, Mumbai and provides a forum for scholarly dialogue on a broad range of topics concerning Indian dance.

The articles in this issue are by Sonal Mansingh, Dheerendra Nath Pattanaik, Priyambada Mohanty, Sunil Kothari, Sharon Lowen, Madhavi Mudgal, Jhelum Paranjpe, Ileana Citaristi, Oopali Operajita, Shyamhari Chakra. Performance reviews, News and Notes from abroad and Book Review covers major events in the dance field.

Chief editor: M Nagabhushana Sarma
Annual subscription in India: Rs.200 + 50 for postage
Annual subscription overseas: $40 + $10 for postage
For details: /
DANCE & DEVOTION, written and compiled by Malathi Iyengar
Illustrated by Suresh Iyengar
The book was launched on Friday, August 13, 2004as a part of the Pacific Asia Museum's prestigious 'Authors on Asia' programs and included a brief classical Indian dance performance by the Rangoli Dance Company and guest artists from India. Scholar, Colin Quigley, Ph.D., World Arts and Cultures, University of California, Los Angeles was the chief guest.
The book has been edited by Shatavadhani Dr R. Ganesh, Scholar and Research Officer, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Southern Regional Centre (Bangalore, India), Dr V K Indusekhar, Retired Scientist & Scholar (Bangalore, India), Caren McDonald, M.A., University of New Mexico, and Emma Jane Scioli, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Classics, University of California, Los Angeles.
For details, contact:
"Into the world of Kutiyattam with the legendary Ammanur Madhavachakyar" by G Venu is about the life and work of Ammanur Madhava Chakyar, the history of Kutiyattam, the facts that led to its recognition as an intangible world heritage, numerous anecdotes connected with its ancient and modern masters, as well as G Venu's own personal experiences with the great artistes he came into contact with. The book also describes his initiation into the art and the efforts being made to revitalize Kutiyattam.
Published by Natana Kairali, Irinjalakuda
SUTRE MONI GONA EVO is a VCD on folk and classical dances of Assam. Concept and direction is by G Nayanmoni of Jorhat; the dances have been directed by Dinamadhav Mora, Badan Saikia, Jiten Kakati, Anurupa Hazarika, Rathindra Singh, Devichandra and Budhin Saikia; background music is by Prabin Goswami, Kamalakshi Saikia and Usha Bora.
Income tax Commissioner Krishna Sahai has written a 237-page book titled THE STORY OF A DANCE: BHARATANATYAM. Though she has learnt the dance form, she has never given a public performance. The book was released on January 27, 2004 in Mumbai.
The book titled DHANANJAYAN ON INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCE is the third edition of 'Dancer on dance' by V P Dhananjayan on Indian classical dance. It has a new look and more informative articles and pictures.
For trade details and ordering for copies, please contact the publisher:
M/s B R Rhythms
425, Nimri Colony, Ashok Vihar Phase-IV
New Delhi 110052 (India)
Phone: (91 -11) -23259196 & 23259648.
DANCES OF INDIA is a set of 7 books, each one a comprehensive guide to a form of Indian classical dance- Kathak by Shovana Narayan, Odissi by Sharon Lowen, Bharatanatyam by Prathibha Prahlad, Kuchipudi by Raja and Radha Reddy, Mohiniattam by Bharati and Vijayalakshmi Shivaji, Manipuri by Singhajit Singh, Kathakali by Sadanam Balakrishnan. Alka Raghuvanshi is the editor of the series. Photos are by Avinash Pasricha. The books were released on April 29, 2004 on International Dance Day at Delhi.
Published by Wisdom Tree. Cost: Rs.195 each.
Nandini Ramani / Dr.V Raghavan Centre for Performing Arts celebrated Guru Smaranam in memory of late T Balasaraswathi on 13th May 2004 at Ragha Sudha Hall, Chennai. The book SPLENDOURS OF INDIAN DANCE by Dr. V Raghavan was released on the occasion. C V Chandrasekhar received the first copy and Sonal Mansingh paid a dance tribute. For details, contact
attendance 2003/4 was released by Sheila Dixit, the Chief Minister of Delhi on April 22, 2004. attendance is India's only year-book on dance. It covers a year (1st Jan-31st Dec) in perspective and gives perspectives on issues, events, exhibitions, shows, seminars, books, biographies and obits. Edited, compiled and published by Ashish Mohan Khokar, top writers and critics of dance contribute in-depth articles. Metros are covered, as also major dance centers abroad.

attendance 2003 looks at the gender theme and is entitled - The Sacred and the Profane:
The Male/Female Role in the Asian Performance Arts: Monk/Warriors for the male; Geisha/Devdasi/Courtesan for the female. It focusses on issues pertaining to transposition and transmission of traditional cultures in modern contexts.

All other regular features Year Round-up; awards, seminars, books and obits plus news and views from allover. A-4 size, Hardbound on German Mat.

Shanta Serbjeet Singh, senior culture-columnist, critic and specialist-author is the Guest Editor of the issue and the list of contributors include Dr. Kapila Vatsayan, Dr. Dev Patnaik, Sharada Ramnathan, Renuka Narayanan, Dr. Parritta and many more.

Price: Rs.500/- only within India and $ 25 international

5, Cubbon View,
22/5, Vittal Mallya Road
Bangalore-560001, India
Tel.: (91-80) - 22273987

A biography titled GURU MAYA RAO by art historian and critic Ashish Khokar was launched on May 1, 2004 at The Park, Bangalore. Writer Shashi Deshpande, released the book. Artist S G Vasudev, & Mahesh Dattani, Playwright Director & Chairman NIKC received the first copies. Earlier, Chief Minister Sheila Dixit launched the book on April 22nd at Delhi. Veteran critic Subbudu received the first copy.
The book puts on record the life of the internationally renowned Kathak guru and choreographer, Maya Rao, an individual who has steered a distinctive and independent course, in the history of Indian dance.

The Ashish Mohan Khokar PIONEERS OF INDIAN DANCE series is a historical analysis and compilation on the life and times of dancers who have contributed significantly to the understanding & enrichment of the art form they have chosen to make their life.
Ekah-Bios Publication
Price: Rs.500
Ph: (91 - 80) - 22483686 / 23348645
To order:

April 2004
Padma Subrahmanyam's book KARANAS - COMMON DANCE CODES OF INDIA & INDONESIA in three volumes (Rs. 5000/-) will be available through ABHAI (Association of Bharatanatyam Artistes of India) at a special discount of 10% for its members. This magnum opus is the result of Padma Subrahmanyam's intensive research for over three decades and is an updated version of her Ph.D thesis.
For copies please contact Roja Kannan (mobile: 98840 98453) in Chennai, India

April 12, 2004

Learn Quest Academy of Music & Chinmayamaruthi jointly launched flautist Raman's new CD. Lalgudi G J R Krishnan (son & disciple of legendary violin maestro Lalgudi G Jayaraman) released Flute Raman's new CD NAVARASA on 7th April 2004 @ Chinmayamaruthi Center, Andover.
This is a fusion CD on Navarasa, the nine emotions. All the tracks in this CD are based on Carnatic ragas, which represent the relevant emotions. Western instruments like Keyboards and drums and other instruments along with Indian instruments have been used. The idea behind producing this album is that it can be used for depicting the rasas for dance too.

The nine emotions or nava rasa are: shingara (romantic or erotic feeling), Ragam Behag; hasya (comic or humorous feeling), Ragam Kuntalavarali; karuna (pathetic or sad emotion), Ragam Sahana; rudra (anger or fury) Raga Ranjani; veer (valorous or heroic) Ragam Atana & Shankarabharana; bhayanak (fear or terror) Ragam RishabhaPriya; bibhatsa (odious or disgusting), Raga Lavangi & Saveri; adhbuta (wonder or surprise) Ragam kadankutuhalam; and shanta (peace and tranquility) Ragam Sama.
Nava Rasa
Shringar(Erotic) Rati Delight Pale Light Green
Hasya (Humorous) Hasa Laughter White
Karuna (Pathetic) Shoka Sorrow Grey
Raudra (Terrible) Krodh Anger Red
Veera (Heroic) Utsaha Heroism Pale Orange
Bhayanaka (Fearful) Bhaya Fear Black
Bibhatsa (Odious) Jugupsa Disgust Blue
Adbhuta (Wonderous) Vismaya Wonder Yellow
Shanta (Peaceful) Calm Peace White
Raman is a full time professional musician residing at Boston. He runs a school to propagate Carnatic music.
The CD costs 12$ in the US. It is available in India for Rs.150.
For details, contact Raman, Cell: (917) - 543 - 4128, e-mail:

April 9, 2004


Spring Issue 2004 - now available !!

Selling South Asian Dance

The issue reveals what professionals have to say about selling south asian dance...
Pick up some tips from the success stories of dancers / dance companies / PR agencies ... and more !!
* A Complex Calculus - Cristian Ceresoli asks a manager, an impresario, a dance agency, a dancer and a promoter - What does it take to finally get to the viewing audience?

* 7 Simple Steps to becoming a National Touring Company - "Not easy but you can do it!" writes dance consultant June Gamble, sharing a DIY manual for getting the big tour!

* Call in the Professionals! - In an intensely competitive art and entertainment world, you could do well with expert help says PR consultant Mark White. Enjoy reading the audacious moves that got some attention!

* Dancing with the Royals - South asian dance for Birmingham and London Royal Ballets? Bithika Chatterjee talks to David Bintley and Deborah Bull in an exclusive interview for pulse!

* Long Live the King of Dance! - Ram Gopal's authorised biographer, Ashish Khokar paints an exclusive, vivid portrait of the late dancing legend.

* E-mail from Singapore .. Too much familiarity may be the problem in Singapore writes Aparna Roddam.

Plus read about new programmes and productions …

§ London Contemporary Dance School's latest - BA dance degree with south asian dance specialism
§ British Dance Edition 2004 and south asian dance
§ Mavin Khoo's Chandra/luna
§ Akram Khan's Ma
§ Focus on SJDC's Transtep
§ Angika's Bhakti
§ Nina Rajarani's Equilibrium
§ Sonia Sabri's Red
§ Jiva's Al Qaeda State Ballet

Performance reviews ...

§ Chitraleka Dance Company - The Story of C by Jiva
§ Mavin Khoo Dance - Parallel Passions by Sanjoy Roy
§ Sonia Sabri & Company - Rekha by Anouk Perinpanayagam

Annual subscription: 12 GBP for three issues - Spring, Summer and Autumn.
Cheque payable to: Kadam Asian Music and Dance Ltd.
Mail to: 1 Lurke Street, Bedford MK40 3HZ.
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pulse is supported by Arts Council England and is published by Kadam Asian Dance and Music Ltd.
Editor - Chitra Sundaram.

January 30, 2004

The yearlong celebrations of the birth centenary of Rukmini Devi Arundale conclude on February 29, 2004.
Kalakshetra Foundation will bring out a set of publications titled RUKMINI DEVI ARUNDALE: BIRTH CENTENARY VOLUME, which is a compilation of articles from various luminaries in different fields who were associated with Rukmini Devi. It contains rare photographs of Rukmini Devi with some prominent dignitaries, receiving awards and the like. The volume also has an autobiographical section RUKMINI ON HERSELF.
Cost - Rs.500 festival price (actual price Rs.600)

Cost - Rs.400 festival price (actual price Rs.500)

SHRADDANJALI contains articles about the eminent people who laid the foundation of Kalakshetra.
Cost - Rs.150 festival price (actual price Rs.200)

Rukmini Devi was interested in crafts and helped revive many craft traditions. She made the Kalakshetra sari famous. Edited by Shakuntala Ramani and her team, SARI: THE KALAKSHETRA TRADITION costs Rs.360 festival price (actual price Rs.480)

In Chennai, the books are available at Kalakshetra, Theosophical Society Book Store and Karnatic Music Book Centre (
For details, contact Sukumar or Usha at Kalakshetra (91 - 44) - 24911844, or

January 18, 2004

Cultural Centre of India released a DVD titled DANCES OF INDIA - BHARATA NATYAM ARANGETRAM DANCES featuring Padma Chebrolu. This DVD brings you the traditional Bharata Natyam Dances performed during the formal performances. It also has all the dances performed during Arangetram (solo graduation recital), which is done after many years of intense dance training from the guru. This DVD includes the songs, meaning of the songs and descriptions of the dances for easy reference. Following are the dances from this DVD:
1.Guru Brahma slokam
2.Manikya Veena slokam
This DVD is available at
For more information on this DVD, visit or contact
Kalatheera conducts a whole night dance and music festival TUNGA MAHOTSAV, from Dusk to Dawn on the banks of river Tunga at Shimoga district, Thirthahalli Taluk every year on the 2nd Saturday of April.
Odissi dancer Uday Kumar Shetty and Soumya Uday Kumar, release a CD Rom in English on the January 11, 2004 Sunday at East Cultural Association, Indira Nagar, Bangalore at 6.30pm. Called "PRATIBHIMBHA".... REFLECTION OF KALATHEERA, it is about last year's Tunga Mahotsav, about the founders Uday Kumar and his wife Sowmya, and about their school Kalatheera. The chief guest will be Mr. Ravindranath Tagore IGP, Sri I M. Jayaram Shetty Ex MP, guru Maya Rao and Veena Murthy Vijay.
On Jan 15th, the Kannada version of the same CD will be released at Shimoga, Karnataka Venue - Mathura Paradise, 6.30pm,
On Jan 17th at Thirthahalli, Shimoga district - presentation of Kannada version
Venue - Buntara Bhavana 6.30pm.
For details:

On December 7, 2003 Abhinaya Sudha released a set of 4 CDs - Kshetrayya Padams I, Kshetrayya Padams II, Sarangapani Padams and Annamacharya Padams. Cost: Rs.500
Contact Kalanidhi Narayanan
2/5, 12th Cross St, Sastri Nagar, Chennai 600020
Ph: (91 - 44) - 24914469.
Presented by Malayala Manorama and performed by Gopika Varma, HASTA: MUDRAS OF MOHINIATTAM is a handy guide to learn and appreciate the art of Mohiniattam.
Based on the Hastalakshanadeepika, the compact disc contains all 24 hastas, 548 mishra mudras, samyukta mudras, poses, abhinaya and viniyogam of Mohiniattam. A one and half year research by Mohiniattam exponent Gopika Varma went into the making of this VCD. The Governor P S Rammohan Rao released it on August 30, 2003 at the Banquet Hall of Raj Bhavan, Chennai. The CD comes with a free Mohiniattam book on slokas and mudras. Cost of VCD: Rs.550/=
Order online:

December 4, 2003

"Mridangam: An Indian Classical Percussion Drum" by Shreejayanthi Gopal is about the Origin of Mridangam, Design and Construction, Science of Tala, Art of Accompaniment, Mridangam and Folk Music & the list of Renowned Mridangam Artistes.
The book has foreword by Dr. Choodamani Nandagopal, the Art Historian of IGNCA, Bangalore.
It's in available in Hard bound with xvi+120 pages. Prize: Rs.350.00
It is a very useful book for Mridangam players, students, and researchers in Indian Music.
Contact: Neeraj Mittal, B R Rhythms
4737 A/23, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi 110002 India
Tel. (91-11) - 23259196, 23259648
On 17th December 2003 in Mumbai, Marg Publications released a book on NEW DIRECTIONS IN INDIAN DANCE, edited by Dr Sunil Kothari. Price: Rs.2500.
On November 28, 2003 Kalavardhini's CD and cassette of Bharatanatyam songs sung by O S Arun was released by Justice K Bhaktavatsalam in Chennai.

November 22, 2003

Dances of India - Bharata Natyam Arangetram Songs, traditional Bharata Natyam Dance Music

Dances of India - Bharata Natyam Arangetram Songs album brings you the traditional Bharata Natyam music used during the formal performances. It also has all the songs used during Arangetram (solo graduation recital), which is done after many years of intense dance training from the guru.

Bharata Natyam is perhaps the oldest among the dance styles of India and considered as a form of worship. The word Bharata is believed to be derived from three essential aspects of the art: "Bha" from Bhavam (expression), "ra" from Ragam (melody/musical mode) and the "ta" from Talam (time measure).

Nattuvangam - Padma Chebrolu
Vocal - Padmaja Sonti
Mridangam - Dr. Vasudevan Namboodiri
Veena - Vasumathi Narayanan
Violin - Anitha Rajagopalan
Flute - Partha Saradhi

Song Ragam (Melody) Talam (Time Measure) Time
1 Slokam: Guru Brahma Hamsadvani 1:23
2 Slokam: Manikya Veena Kalyani 2:09
3 Pushpanjali Nattai Adi 6:01
4 Alarippu Hindolam Rupaka 2:49
5 Jatiswaram Kalyani Rupaka 7:43
6 Varnam Kamas Adi 13:25
7 Padam Jenjuriti Adi 5:12
8 Tillana Kadana Kutuhalam Adi 7:13
9 Sabdam Ragamalika Misra Chapu 7:09
10 Mangalam Revati Adi 1:47

This CD is available at website for sale.


Nattuvangam - Padma Chebrolu: Padma has been trained in India under several gurus, Padma is versatile in many classical dance styles. She is the artistic director of Cultural Centre of India.

Vocal - Padmaja Sonti: Padmaja has been trained by her mother Guru C Indiramani, a well-known composer and teacher of Carnatic music. Padmaja sang regularly on All India Radio (AIR) and on Doordarshan TV. She sang in numerous Telugu language movies and has released several light music, devotional and Annamayya CDs.

Mridangam - Dr. Vasudevan Namboodiri: Vasudevan has been trained under most respected and critically acclaimed mridangists like Palaghat T R Rajamani, Trichur C Narendran and Prof. K. Velukutty Nair. He has accompanied many artists in India and USA.

Veena - Vasumathi Narayanan: Vasumathi learned violin from her mother Saroja Srinivasan and Guru Kamala Vishwanathan. She has given solo live concerts and performed on All India Radio (AIR). She is focusing on teaching the art form to students.
Violin - Anitha Rajagopalan: Anitha has been trained under Guru Lalgudi R Rajalakshmi who is the sister of renowned violinist Lalgudi Jayaraman. She has played violin in many concerts in India and USA.

Flute - Partha Sreenivasan: Partha has been trained under Guru Lakshmi Narasimha Iyengar and Guru C S Shankarasivan. He has given many live concerts and performed in the All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan (TV). He participated in the south zone and the National youth festivals.

Nov 5, 2003

"Mirrors and Gestures: Conversations with women dancers" by C S Lakshmi, contains her interviews with 18 dancers between 29 and 87 years of age, coming from varied backgrounds. Since the interviews and research took 12 years, a few of the artistes have passed away. The information covers 2 generations and guru shishya parampara too.
It is published by Kali for women and costs Rs.400.
The Magazine for South Asian Dance, Autumn Issue 2003
The other shades of white
Available from 25th October 2003

"The Issue is now entitled The Other shades of white implying that 'white' isn't a monolithic colour - it has as much cultured variety as any other; neither is it a background colour against which all others are to be discussed, to paraphrase Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (Connecting Flights, November 2002); nor are 'white' dancers immune to discomfort when marginalised as Other by colour markers. Admittedly, much of this new 'awareness' has been galvanised by globalizing art forums and increasing scholarship-practice interface".
- Chitra Sundaram - Editor

-Bithika Chatterjee writes on the uneasy world of the 'white' South Asian dancer in Britain.
-Magdalen Gorriange on all knees that bruise - pink, purple, white, black, brown…
-Milena Salvini: heritage is no guarantee of artistry.
-Janet O'Shea offers an alternative to 'appropriation'.
-Priya Srinivasan challenges notions of 'purity' and 'modern'.
-Uttara Coorlawala on the chequered journey of Indian Dance into American modern dance history
-Alessandra Lopez y Royo writes on Ruth St Denis via Liz Lea's Radha.
-Lada Guruden Singh talks to non-Indian practitioners in India.
-Ashish Khokar, dance historian, adds cryptic comments.
-Donald Hutera on Shakti, the Indo-Japanese cult performer.
-Gill Clarke on collective pasts and individual presents in our moving bodies
-'Funmi Adewole on embedded cultural codes in African dance forms.

Amad - Amina Khayyam & Juliana Brustik - by Kalyani Mohan Shah
Images - Nilima Devi & Co - by Annie Ball
South - Magdalen Gorringe & Shane Shambhu - by Arti Kachhia
Talking Kathak - Pratap Pawar - by Kush Saini
Celebrations - Astad Deboo & Co - by Sanjoy Roy
Kathak Solo- Saswati Sen - by Sushma Mehta
Past Forward - Leela Samson - by Bisakha Sarker

A Profile
Catherine Hale writes on what moves Mavin Khoo to do what he does with ballet and bharatanatyam

Anusha Subramanyam gives tips on Pilates - some simple DIY techniques

E- mail from Paris and Bhubaneswar
Barbara Curda's tells oriental tales from two cities

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THEORY AND PRACTICE OF ANGIKABHINAYA IN BHARATANATYAM by Sandhya Purecha, published by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai was released on August 18, 2003.
Two new albums titled - TAMILMARAI ISAI (AZHWAR PASURAMS) and NAYIKA (TELUGU PADAMS) sung by dancer and musician Vasumathi Badrinathan are being released on 23rd and 24th August respectively in Chennai. Both these albums have been produced and marketed by Kosmic Music Pvt Ltd and the cassettes / CD's of these albums would be available in all the major music stores across the country.

Tamilmarai Isai (Azhwar Pasurams): The album Tamilmarai Isai is a collection of Azhwar Pasurams. Pasurams are the verses that form the 4000 stanza anthology called the Divya Prabandham. Authored by the Azhwars, the twelve saint poet - philosophers, these poems are entirely written in Tamil. Tamilmarai Isai consists of compositions of Periyazhwar, Andal, Peyazhwar, Tirumazhishai Azhwar, Boothathazhwar, Nammazhwar, Thondaradipodi Azhwar, Kulasekara Azhwar and Vedanta Desikar. The highlight of this album is that His Holiness the Jeer Swamy of Sri Ahobila Mutt has given a special foreword to this album.

Nayika (Telugu Padams): This album is a compilation of Padams in Telugu language. Padams are sensuous numbers that explore the Nayika - Nayaka (hero-heroine) relationship. The charm of these compositions lies in their slow meter and their lyrical value. Most Telugu padams revolve around Krishna as their central figure. In this album Nayika, Vasumathi has presented compositions of Muvalur Sabhapati Iyer, Sarangapani, Kshetrayya, Ghanam Seenayya and Melattur Kasinathayya.
For details, contact:
Learning Bharata Natyam DVD
Namaste! This is how we greet each other in India. It means "I bow to the God in you." Our culture and art are both ancient and spiritual. Classical dances of India are born in the temples and are the dances of the mind, the soul and the divine. These dance traditions still follow the rules set by Guru Bharata in his Natya Sastra (Science of Dancing) from second century AD. This dance instructional DVD is created for aspiring dancers who want to learn the basic technique and practice on a regular basis to become good dancers. Learning any art takes time and practice. At the end, the rewards are wonderful. This is an attempt to introduce you to the technique and inspire you to pursue this art further. This DVD disc features interactive menus and chapter marks for easy access to your desired dance step or scene.
Some of the highlights of this DVD include:
• Salutation
• Basic Positions
• Single Hand Gestures
• Warm up Exercises
• Steps Series 1
• Head Movements
• Eye Movements
• Neck Movements
• Steps Series 2
• Double Hand Gestures
• Poses
• Costumes & Make Up
• Ananda Natanam Dance.
In this DVD, Padma Chebrolu brings her years of intense Bharata Natyam training and teaching experience to the dance studio. All the steps are taught in simpler and smaller segments to make it easy to follow. Padma uses well-organized material and standard teaching method throughout. This DVD teaches traditional Bharata Natyam as performed by hundreds of millions of Indians all over the world. If you are interested in India and its arts, this DVD is a must for you. You can purchase this DVD at Click here to visit the details in
Distributed by: Cultural Centre of India LLC 9462 Hopewell Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45249, USA

July 25, 2003

A complete catalogue of the 3,000 postage stamps on dance.
88 pages, format A4, 16 pages illustrated in color.
Catalogue numbers: Scott, Stanley Gibbons, Michel, Yvert et Tellier. Stamps arranged by country, year of issue, denomination.
Short description of the dance scene, plus philatelic information.
All the 267 countries, past and present, on the globe.
All genders of dance, from prehistoric to ancient to ballet, to traditional to modern to disco.
Edited by Prof. Alkis Raftis.
Published by the Greek Dances Theater "Dora Stratou" under the auspices of the International Dance Council - UNESCO 1998.
The International Dance Council (CID) is the official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world. It is a non-profit non-governmental organization founded in 1973 within the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.
For details: /
Padinjyarayil Rama Devi, artistic director of Sri Sai Nataraja Academy of Kuchipudi Dance in Secunderabad, has written a book KUCHIPUDI DANCE IN TEXTUAL FORM which covers the entire syllabus of certificate, diploma and degree courses conducted by the music colleges and universities. The chapters of the book are not only useful for Kuchipudi dancers but also for Bharatanatyam dancers, as the content is strictly based on Natyasastra and Abhinaya Darpanam. Contact:
Invis Multimedia presents KNOW YOUR HERITAGE
Pre Publication Offer! Symphony Celestial Dances of India

A ten DVD Package with English subtitles is now available at a pre-publication prize of $85 only. The first 1000 to order can choose Kerala Green Symphony (CD-ROM), Ayurveda (CD -ROM) or Panchakarma(Video CD) which is absolutely free!

For details, contact, or (91 - 471) - 2311832, 2319892.
June 2003: Ranganayaki Jayaraman of Sri Saraswati Gana Nilayam released a CD containing music compositions for Bharatanatyam titled GURU SAMARPANAM.
NRITYA NAVARATRI MAHOTSAVAM in commemoration of the Diamond jubilee of Nrithyodaya and the golden jubilee of Padma Subrahmanyam's dance career was inaugurated on June 28, 2003 in Chennai at the Narada Gana Sabha. The Tamilnadu chief minister J Jayalalitha was the chief guest. She released the VISUAL ELUCIDATION volume of Padma's book 'Karanas-Common Dance Codes of India and Indonesia.'

On 1st July, the 2 volumes of her book 'KARANAS-COMMON DANCE CODES OF INDIA AND INDONESIA' were released by Murli M Joshi, Minister for HRD, Govt of India. On July 2nd, Jagmohan, Minister for Tourism and Culture, Govt of India, released 2 books by Padma Subrahmanyam. The fifth edition of BHARATAKALAI KOTPADU published by Vanathi Pathipakam and BHARATAKALA LAKSHANAM (Malayalam translation by Kalamandalam Sugandhi).
UK's leading South Asian Dance Magazine
Spring Issue 2003 - Dance And Technology

In this issue, young south Asian performers who have embraced technology tell us why: better monetary and booking prospects as well as the sheer novelty of working differently. Also explaining why not is Akram Khan, whose hit-of-the- season, Ronin - a contemporary presentation of classical kathak - did not feature technology...
Dance it, tell it, tech it, talk it…Keep your finger on the pulse of south Asian dance in Britain.

Cover Feature
· Sightseeing on digital pathways - Scott deLahunta takes you on an expert trip through the history and dance spots of New Technology.
· Making technology dance - Sanjoy Roy interviews Shobana Jeyasingh.
· Don't techno for an answer? - Use with care and talent, warns Sanjoy Roy, pointing out that technology, whether as onstage wizardry or preparatory process, is not a substitute for dance quality.
· Being(s) in bharatanatyam, virtually - Jiva briefly explores notions of 'real' and 'virtual' in the technology of bharatanatyam's universe.
· No cage for south Asian dance - Bisakha Sarker asks Ghislaine Boddington about Shinkansen's technology-driven 'Club Clusters'.
· Dancers tech it from the top - Jasmine Simhalan, Sowmya Gopalan, Sonia Sabri, Jiva share their notes on technology with Sanjeevini Dutta. Also comments from Akram Khan, Vena Ramphal, Keith Khan and others.

A Profile ..
Moving on… - Stella Uppal-Subbiah talks to Rachel Harris about life, choreography and drunken monks.
Training and Technique ..

The silent sense of sound - Learning to embody the senses through kalarippayattu, yoga, and t'ai chi ch'uan with Phillip B. Zarrilli.
E- mail from New York

"Sensing our fingertips" - Uttara Coorlawala's muses on the use of LifeForms software for capturing and creating south Asian dance.

· She - Pali Chandra and Nina Rajarani
· In Gesture and Glance - Master artists from China, Japan, Indonesia and India
· Made in England (triple bill) - Jiva, Liz Lea , Mita Banerjee
· Ronin, Twelve Warriors - Akram Khan, Sonia Sabri & Gauri Sharma Tripathi
· The Dance of Drunken Monks - Sankalpam
· Shift - Shamaa Dance Company

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Kadam's Summer Dance Camp - 10th to 16th August @ De Montfort University, Bedford
Milapfest's Anand Yatra - 27th July @ Lowry, Manchester

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On April 16, 2003 former Prime Minister I K Gujral released the fifth anniversary issue of India's only yearbook on dance, ATTENDANCE - THE DANCE ANNUAL OF INDIA, in New Delhi. Edited by Ashish Mohan Khokar, it is a Gujarat special. After Delhi, the Maharaja Gaekwad of Baroda released it in Baroda. Mrinalini Sarabhai will release it in Ahmedabad and Sitara Devi in Bombay.

Born in Baroda, Khokar wanted to tell the story of the city's gurus and dancers and give just credit to their role in preserving dance. The perspective later widened to include those who popularised dance in the cities of Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Champaner and Modhera and thus was born the Gujarat special.

Unknown aspects and people staying and working in dance in the state have been platformed, including giants like Mrinalini Sarabhai, Sundarlal Gangani and Kumudini Lakhia. Khokar says the compilation is not a definitive book on Gujarati dancers but a special issue on the Gujarat dance scene and those who make it.
This issue is hardbound and available for Rs.500/- only at Strands and Sankars. Because of rising costs, this could well be the final issue rues Khokar who plans to start an exclusive publishing line for dance books and biographies, monographs and photofolios.

Distributed by Rupa, Attendance is printed by Printways of Delhi.
MARABU VAZHI BHARATHA PERASANGAL (Traditional Dance Teachers) in Tamil, by B M Sundaram is packed with information about the life and times of traditional dance teachers, who were born into families of generations of nattuvanars and musicians. Priced at Rs.80, the book is published by Meyappan Thamizhagam.
MARABU THANTHA MANIKKANGAL, an absorbing treatise in Tamil by B M Sundaram, published by Dr. V Raghavan Centre for Performing Arts, is an assiduously researched work about more than 100 famous and not so famous dancers of the past century. It took more than 14 years for B M Sundaram to source material for the book, for which he travelled the length and breadth of Tamilnadu, to nearly every place that had a temple.
For details, contact:
Madurai R Muralidaran has created a CD ROM for Bharatha Natyam called "Essence and Essentials" which contains information such as "Dos & Don'ts"; description all the adavus, eye movements, pada bedhas, neck movements, names of the adavus etc.,
Contact for further details.
A DAY WITH THE MASTERS, a joint venture of Kerala Kalamandalam and Kerala Tourism is a 3-hour audio-visual tour. Established in Cheruthuruthy in 1930 by Vallathol Narayana Menon, Kerala Kalamandalam was singularly responsible for heralding a renaissance of the classical performing arts of Kerala, which had gone to seed. Home to many great masters, it is one of the last preserves of Kerala's cultural heritage and the visitor gets a look into the age old traditions that went into shaping great artistes like Ravunni Menon, Krishnan Nair and Rama Chakyar. Conceptualised and designed by V Venu, director of public relations, this is the first time in the country that an institution of this kind is being tapped for cultural tourism.

The audio-visual presentation includes the daily routine of music and dance, an explanation of the intricacies of the art forms, its aesthetics and underlying philosophies, a tour of the various classes and a detailed tour of the koothambalam or temple theatre, built according to the rules specified in the Natya Sastra. Featured are Kathakali, Mohiniattam, Cholliyattom, Koodiyattam, Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi, apart from a wide array of percussion like chenda, maddalam, mridangam, mizhavu and thimila. A tour of the costume gallery includes the elaborate outfits, headgear and jewellery.
Cost is 20$ or Rs.1000 approximately.
For further info, contact (91 - 4884) - 2462305 or
Envisioning Dance on Film & Video
Publication/DVD, Routledge 2002

Produced by
UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance

Judy Mitoma Editor
Elizabeth Zimmer Text Editor
Dale Ann Stieber DVD Editor

Virtually everyone working in dance today uses electronic media technology.

"Envisioning Dance on Film and Video" chronicles the 100-year history and gives readers new insight on how dance creatively exploits the art and craft of film and video. Published by Routeldge, this Publication/DVD shares many of the exchanges, conversations, presentations and lessons learned from the Center's National Dance/Media Project 1995-2002. 53 essays survey the broad range of film and video works from the perspective of their creators-directors, cinematographers, editors, producers, choreographers and scholars. Many of these essays are illustrated by 93 photographs and a 2-hour DVD (40 video excerpts). With funding from The Pew Charitable Trusts, this ambitious text/media format appeals to both the professionals and students of dance and film.
Call: 1-800-634-7064
Hard Bound: $95.00
Paper Back: $40 (fall 2003)
Contact: at the UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance or Anu Kishore Ganpati at 310-206-1335
Doordarshan (DD) Archives is one of the greatest repositories of Indian classical music with an impressive archive collected over several decades. It was on November 11, 1902, that the first recording was done in Kolkata, and the singer was legendary, Gauhar Jaan. On January 9, 2003, DD Archives celebrated 100 years of recorded music in India, with the Prime Minister Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee, launching the Doordarshan Archives, by releasing a set of FIVE Video CD's and TWO audio CD's of its exclusive recordings as part of its celebrations.
It includes ghazals by Begum Akhtar, Sufiana Qwalis by Habib Painter, Shankar-Shambu, the Sabri Brothers and a compilation titled Suron Ka Karvan by various artistes on ACD as well as VCD. Suron Ka Karavan, produced by Mumbai Doordarshan, traces 100 years history of recorded music in four parts - each examining the trends during a quarter century block.
Bharatanatyam and Kathak performances are also available on VCD. The Kathak VCD, under the Dances of India series has some of the best recitals featuring performers like Birju Maharaj, Lachchhu Maharaj, Gopi Krishna and Sitara Devi.
The Bharatnatyam VCD is a tribute to the oldest classical dance of India with recitals by Malavika Sarukkai, Leela Samson, Alarmel Valli, Yamini Krishnamurthy and Kalanidhi Narayanan.
VCD - Rs.295 each
ACD - Rs.195 each
For further information, email Doordarshan at:
Winter issue of PULSE - Magazine for South Asian Dance in the UK, out in February 2003. Pulse is a quarterly magazine, a vital point of contact and networking and a source of information for the South Asian dance profession. For details contact
The annual subscription fee is £12.
To subscribe e-mail at
Audio cassettes and CDs of Dance ballet-RITU SRINGARA-LOVE OF SEASONS, a blend of classical and folk styles of Indian music, lyrics in Hindi, poetry form ,suitable for dance presentation.
More details in
Price: 4$ and 10$ for cassette and CD respectively, postage 3-7$, depending on weight.
INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCE: TRADITION IN TRANSITION has text by Leela Venkataraman, dance critic of The Hindu - Delhi edition, for the past 15 years and photographs by Avinash Pasricha who has specialised in dance photography since 1960. It is published by Roli Books and costs Rs.1, 975.
A new book on Kathak written and published by Dr (Mrs) Shveni Pandya has been published recently. This is the third one in its series. The book covers the syllabus for the Alankar exam- Paper I for Kathak- the exam which is organised by Gandharva Mahavidyalaya.
Name of the book: Nritya Bodh- Part 3.- For Alankar- Paper I
Writer- Dr (Mrs) Shveni Pandya- Mumbai. ( Tele- 022- 2642 8417)
Priced at Rs 150/-
For details, contact:
Dr Shveni Pandya is- 2nd floor, BSES Bldg, Linking Road, Next to Petrol pump, Bandra (west). Mumbai. India.
Ph: (022) - 2642 8417
DRISHTI, a new magazine on art, dance and music is edited and published in Bangalore by the husband and wife duo T M Vikranth and Anuradha Vikranth. For details, contact (080) - 3524466 or 3132233.
SAMUDHRA, a monthly magazine dedicated to music, dance, drama and art cinema edited by Radha Bhaskar was launched on November 16, 2002 in Chennai. It is in Tamil and English and costs Rs.10 per copy. For details, contact:
Young mridangist K S R Aniruddha released his first album ASHTARUCHI - AN OCTAVE OF EMOTIONS on October 20, 2002 at the YGP Auditorium in Chennai. Ashtaruchi, has concept and percussion by K S R Aniruddha, violin support by M S G Suresh Kumar and swarams by Vidwan Madurai N Krishnan. In this debut album, Aniruddha attempts to explore the shades of human emotions by playing three mridangams simultaneously. The innovative idea seeks to communicate the flavours or rasas to elicit the melodic fragrance of each rasa, with the support of the violin. Recorded by Kalavardhani's, the cassette costs Rs.50 and the CD Rs.250.
For details, contact:,
JOURNEY WITH A HUNDRED STRINGS: MY LIFE IN MUSIC, a first person account of santoor maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma's life co-written with Ina Puri, was released in ITC Maurya Sheraton, Delhi on September 26, 2002. It had earlier been released officially by President Abdul Kalam at Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Over the last two centuries, Bharatanatyam has evolved from a highly codified style to one with maximum freedom to innovate. The dance's journey from the temple to the proscenium is the subject of the book "Bharatanatyam" by Ashish Mohan Khokar. Published by Rupa & Co., it costs Rs.395.
The book "Naatyattil Pudhiya Paadaigal" in Tamil by Bharatanatyam guru Udupi Lakshminarayan was released by Padma Subrahmanyam and Nandini Ramani received the first copy on September 13, 2002 on the occasion of the 10th GURU CHARANA SMARANAM, a tribute to the late Guru Kancheepuram Ellappa Mudaliar at Chennai. The book costs Rs.36. For further details, contact -
"Mantras and Mudras: Meditations for the Hands and Voice to Bring Peace and Inner Calm" by Lillian Too has illustrations explaining how to perform the mantras and mudras, what are the physical and spiritual benefits to be gained from their use, including increasing energy levels and deep inner calm. Mantras (chants) and Mudras (hand gestures) are fundamental parts of Buddhist practice. Published by Element, it costs
"An Anthology on Aspects of Indian Culture" by V Raghavan has 44 articles bringing out his multi-faceted approach to the realms of Sanskrit language. Apart from culture, other topics include Karma Yoga, Philosophy and Religion, Arts and Crafts, war etc.
Published by Dr.V Raghavan Centre for Performing Arts, Chennai, it costs Rs.400.
"Foundations of Indian Art" by Dr. R Nagaswamy is a volume comprising a collection of 22 papers presented at the "Chidambaram Seminar" in Art and Religion held in February 2001. Reputed scholars and eminent authorities on art, architecture, archaeology, iconography, dance and allied subjects from India and abroad participated in the seminar.
The topics are by Dr.Bettina Baumer (Austria), Gaurisvar Bhattacharya, Gerd J R Mevissen, Dr. Adalbert J Gail, Dr.Corinna Wessels (all from Berlin), Dr. R N Misra (Gwalior), Dr. Mahua Mukherjee (Calcutta), Dr. B N Saraswathi, Dr. Madhu Khanna, Dr. Bansilal Malla (New Delhi), V P Dhananjayan (Chennai), Dr. Charlotte Schmid (Paris), Dr.Annette Wilke (Muenster, Germany), Dr. Haripriya Rangarajan (Hyderabad), Dr. R Sathyanarayana (Mysore), Dr. Harold Powers (USA), G Subramanian, Dr. Padmini Kabalimurthi (Chidambaram), Dr. Eamon Murphy (Sydney), Dr. Ulrike Niklas (Singapore).
Published by Tamil Arts Academy, it is lavishly illustrated with many exclusive color photographs, has 282 pages and costs Rs.2400.
A Bharatanatyam dancer as well as musician, Bombay based artiste Vasumathi Badrinathan's twin albums of TAMIL PADAMS, an exclusive collection of old time classic padams in Tamil language and SWARA DHWANI a traditional Carnatic repertoire have been released in cassette and CD format by BMG Crescendo (India) Pvt Ltd.

Padams are a particular type of musical composition used mainly in classical South Indian dance but belong nevertheless to the Carnatic music repertoire. They generally explore the nayaka-nayika bhava (hero-heroine relationship) and hence provide great scope for delineation through dance. Vasumathi's album Tamil Padams is essentially a compilation of old-time classic padams in Tamil language. Most of them trace sringara rasa in its myriad hues - from anguish to anger to awe, all wrought from the mystery of love.

Pure bhakti bhava also finds a slot here in devotional padams. While most Tamil padams extol the charisma of Muruga also known as Subramanya or Kanda, or the mesmerising Shiva in his dancing form as Nataraja, the album ends with the contemporary padam in the wistful melody of Kapi, that makes a place for that divine and immortal lover - Krishna. An interesting feature is that this piece has been composed by the legendary Guru T. K. Mahalingam Pillai. Both the albums are available in major stores across the country.
Bharatanatyam dancer Padmaja Suresh has brought out an album titled RITU SHRINGARA, for dancers who wish to have taped music with some ideas already worked out for them. It provides a continuity of episodes and inspiration has been taken from the miniatures. For details, contact:
A 30-minute film titled SILK ROUTE, directed by R R Srinivasan, traces the practical progress of silk from silkworm culture to the final product - silk saris. It also shows the history of silk, references in literary and oral traditions, use of silk in temple, theatre and rituals. It has been produced by the Tirunelveli based RmKV group which apart from traditional patterns, has also broken away from routine woven motifs to painstakingly depict a Ravi Varma's painting or the 108 dance postures of the Chidambaram Nataraja temple, on a sari. Available in CD and VHS format, it costs Rs.300. For details, contact or (91 - 462)-339105/6/7.
KALLA GAJJELU GHALLU GHALLU MANNAYI, an audio cassette of folk dance songs and KUCHIPUDI SUMA SOWRABHALU, a collection of classical dance songs, presented by K V Sathyanarayana costs Rs.45/= each. It is marketed by Bharatamuni Arts Academy, 16 - 536, Sri Rama Nagar Colony, Srikalahasti 517640, Andhra Pradesh.
Contact for more details.
For items related to dance namely Audio Cassettes, CDs and CD-Roms, Books, Dance Jewellery and Costumes, contact Globe Giri Trading Agency Pvt. Ltd. Send in your queries to
Asia Book House is one of the largest online bookstore in Canada with over 7,000 books, quality publications from the South Asian Continent, shipping is free of charge. It caters to scholars, students, libraries, schools and amateur readers alike. For details contact, Ash Mathura, President, Asia Book House at
LIVING TRADITION, a CD Rom, is simply structured and aimed at providing information about the range and background of South Asian dance in Britain. The salient features are the history, the different forms, traditional and contemporary British practitioners, opportunities to see and participate in South Asian dance in the UK , the historical and political background that has influenced the practice of South Asian dance in the UK. Photographs and video clips add to the visual content. It is produced by Kadam Asian Dance and Music Ltd, devised by Sanjeevini Dutta and Bisaka Sarker and designed by Clive Gillman.
Chennai based Global Adjustments has released a CD ROM on SOUTH INDIAN ETIQUETTE AND CULTURE. It contains lots of information on language, geography, politics, government,(it's a tool for businessmen), education and arts, health care tips, tips on living in south India, information on food and dress, religion and the etiquette of the essential south for those who may want to settle here. A list of do's and don'ts are also provided with essential FAQs, video clippings and interviews with expatriates. The CD ROM, which will be useful for Indians and non-Indians, is priced at Rs.1450 and will be available at Global Adjustments and Landmark. For more info, contact (91- 44 - 4355853 / 4346225) or
Bharatanatyam guru Rajee Narayan has written NATYA SHASTRA MALA, a book on dance theory and SANGEETA SHASTRA MALA on music theory. Her 2 published volumes NRITYA GEETA MALA contains songs in the format of traditional Bharatanatyam repertoire including alarippu, jatiswarams, shabdams, varnams, kirtanams, thillanas, and other musical forms in Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and Telugu. She is acclaimed as the only vaggeyakara of the 20th century.

Arangham Trust in association with Nritya Geetanjali has released NRITYA GEETA MALA, audio cassettes and CDs of dance songs written, composed and sung by Bharatanatyam guru Rajee Narayan and O S Arun.

The cost is Rs. 800 for the cassettes (double cassettes, C-90) & Rs. 1500 for the CDs (3nos.).
Contact Rajee Narayan at Ph: (91 -22) - 4092429 or Jaishree Rao at

The Seven Indian Classical Dance forms on a CD ROM, a topic of great interest amongst thousands of people worldwide, gives credence to millions of years of cultural heritage surrounding the Indian continent. This graphical multimedia presentation is a boon to researchers since it is the only one-of-it's-kind available in the world and it will reach a wider audience by making it available in outlets (stores, malls, libraries, etc) worldwide.

The ONLY Multimedia ENCYCLOPEDIA on Indian Classical Dance, this CD ROM could well be a collector's item, considering the detailed information available on it and educates on all the topics related to Indian Classical Dance.

For further details, kindly visit OR please contact
Give complete details of Name, address and telephone number to help them contact you for the purchase of this educative multimedia presentation.

PRICE - USD $35 ex-India. (delivery charges would depend on location but an indicative would be an average of USD$15).
BE A HEALTHY DANCER by Prof. E R Gopalakrishnan, a yoga exponent for over 30 years, deals with yoga for the Bharatanatyam dancer. He has identified specific health problems, following them up with simple solutions. To order book postage paid, send Rs. 60 (in India) or US$6 (abroad) by Money Order to E.R. Gopala Krishnan at Yoga Maiyam, 6-D First Main Road, Indira Nagar, Chennai 600 020, India. Ph: (91-44)- 442 2865.
The ITC Sangeet Research Academy (SRA) of Calcutta has a rich repository of Hindustani classical music and it has been put on the portal The highlight of the portal is the 'gharana' section and also features different sections of SRA gurus, information on legendary musicians and their music and documentation of over 500 bandishes. These have been culled from out of 1000 hours of recording of over 41 musicians. 'Know your raga' and 'Samay raga' are educative.
Bharatanatyam audiocassettes are available at Essen Musicals, 158 Eldams Rd, Chennai 600018, India. For information contact
Latest release from Inreco is Temple Dance by Bharatanatyam dancer Raghunath Manet and costs Rs.175. For more info, contact
Music Today has released NAVAGRAHAS - SIGNS OF DESTINY, a 4-pack album of chantings and slokas on the 9 governing planets. It was launched by Sri Jayendra Saraswathi in September. The album comes with a 140-page booklet of explanations and mantras. The highlight of the music which has elements of western fusion to give it wider audience appeal, has original compositions of 17th century astronomer and musician saint Muthuswamy Dikshitar. L.Vaidhyanathan has scored the music.
Charsur Digital Work Station, Chennai, has released CDs and cassettes called KSETRA, a series of compositions on the temples of South India. Sanjay Subramaniam - Sri Nataraja Temple (Chidambaram), Aruna Sairam - Ranganathaswamy Temple (Srirangam), Nithyasree Mahadevan - Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple (Madurai).
For details: For buying online:
Some interesting sites to help you keep together a healthy mind and body. - provides information to maintain a healthy body and mind. It has valuable information about alternative therapies like Ayurveda and Yoga. Effective remedies for those who are looking for natural ways to keep oneself together. - has online and interactive solutions, which address issues in the areas of Health and Nutrition, Fitness, Sports, Serenity, Leisure and Outdoors. - has a number of interesting sections like Managing Disease to Alternative therapies to Personal care. A valuable know-how on health. - has interesting information on nutrition and exercise, customizes diet and fitness plans based on your lifestyle. - advises you on nutrition and diet, what to eat and what not to, what exercises you need and what you don't.
SITA SHAKTI KAVYA ie. Sita's Empowerment Anthology is available in musical cassettes and CDs and also as Bharatanatyam ballet video CD for dance students who may like to experiment with new themes for classical dances.

The poems are available on website:
Interested members may also like to contact Mr. Pradeep Wagh, author of Sita Shakti Kavya at
Postal address: DEIS, Prabhat House, Damle Path, 56/20A Law College Rd, Pune 411 004 India Tel/Fax +91 20 5439101.
Ragas are a selection of notes, which seek to highlight a sentiment. RASA RANG - RASAS FROM NATYA SASTRA, is a 5 volume set of cassettes by Sony Music costing Rs.360/= which focuses on 5 out of the 9 rasas. Some of the prominent artistes featured in this are Pt.Bhimsen Joshi, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Mallikarjun Mansur, Amjad Ali Khan, Kishori Amonkar, Pt.Shiv Kumar Sharma and Balamurali Krishna.
Padma Chebrolu's Cultural Centre of India based in Ohio, have recently produced a dance instructional video called "DANCES OF INDIA - LEARNING BHARATANATYAM". This is being sold at and other places. It has the fundamentals of Bharatanatyam and is available for $19.99. Like any other instructional video, this video introduces the dance form to the student and engages them.
Ms.Padma Chebrolu
Cultural Centre of India
9462, Hopewell Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Ph: 513 - 227 - 9612
Fax: 513 - 677 - 9886
Marvel Cards located at 27, Radhakrishnan Salai, Chennai 6000004, design cards for dance arangetram functions too apart from festivals like seemantham, ear-boring ceremony, betrothal and upanayanam. Contact: (91 - 44) - 8119121 / 22.

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