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Shakti School of BN and Arpana Dance Co present
Basant Utsav 2024
James Armstrong Theater, 3pm
April 7, 2024 Torrance, CA

February 20, 2024

Shakti School of Bharatanatyam and the Arpana Dance Company, supported by the Arpana Alumni Dance Fund @ Ektaa Center, jointly present 'BASANT UTSAV 2024' Spring Dance Festival, an evening of Indian classical dance on Sunday, April 7 at 3pm at the James Armstrong Theatre in Torrance, CA.

Date: April 7, 2024 @ 3pm
Venue: James Armstrong Theater, Torrance, CA

Basant Utsav 2024

The evening will feature the performances of two stellar Bharatanatyam artistes from India: Vaibhav Arekar and Rama Vaidyanathan. This festival represents a unique collaboration between 2 premiere South Asian dance artists/schools in S. California to present innovative works of two leading classical dance artists from India.

Basant Utsav 2024 - VAIBHAV AREKAR
VAIBHAV AREKAR belongs to a new generation of dedicated, dynamic dancers, whose art and life are guided by the vision of promoting and projecting Indian classical dance as an evolving, contemporary art form. He is the founder of Sankhya Dance Company, one of the leading dance companies in western India. In his work Pravaaha, he will present Bharatanatyam in its solo format including signature compositions passed down to him by his mentor over 25 years ago before he navigates a solo production Debotar Grash, based on Tagore's poem of the same name. Debotar Grash becomes the frame within which is painted the emotional landscape of a child's innocence and mother's love. Pravaaha looks at the flow of this ancient art form as has been passed down to Arekar, imbibed in the present and now, flows through him into the future.

Basant Utsav 2024 - RAMA VAIDYANATHAN
RAMA VAIDYANATHAN is one of the foremost Bharatanatyam dancers of her generation. Her fresh approach to Bharatanatyam can be seen at its best in her latest production which she will now bring to California - New Dimensions to the Margam, in which she presents compositions that are completely rooted in Bharatanatyam, but with a new perspective to its evolving vocabulary. While pushing boundaries in the choreography, she goes beyond the form to give visual imagery to poetry in different Indian languages. Rama's new artistic endeavor is a beautiful mosaic of interesting solo and group presentations with her students: Kavya Ganesh, Reshika Sivakumar, Shubhamani Chandrashekar and Vaishnavi Dhore, enhanced by an excellent ensemble of young talented musicians: Ashwin Subramaniyan (nattuvangam and kanjira), Anugrah Lakshmanan (vocal), Sannidhi Vaidyanathan (mridangam), Vishwesh Swaminathan (violin).

This is a unique opportunity to experience the artistry of leading dancers from India who are at the forefront of expanding the vocabulary of Bharatanatyam for the contemporary world.

For details and ticket information, please email:

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