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Remembering Astad

Astad Deboo: The last twirl
- Anita Ratnam

A fond remembrance.... and farewell
- Ketu H Katrak

Astad Deboo (1947-2020)
- Ashish Mohan Khokar

Drishtikon pays homage to Astad Deboo

Astad Deboo assimilated many forms to create a new language of contemporary dance in India
- Kunal Ray

Astad Deboo: The man who imbued modern dance with narrative form of treatment
- Anuj Kumar

Astad Deboo (1947-2020): Master Dancer bows out
- Santosh Nair

People took advantage of Astad Deboo's talent, decency
- Madhu Trehan
A friend like Astad Deboo can happen only once in your life. A relationship like that can happen only once in a lifetime. How does one come to terms that it could only last as long as his lifetime?

Dance like Astad
- Ramu Ramanathan
Astad Deboo could break free of the stage, and do a tandav on the Great Wall of China. He was a citizen of the world, and he brought it home.

Astad Deboo passes away: He talked with every muscle in body - and with his stillness
- Suanshu Khurana
Understanding Deboo's trajectory over the years, from the 1980s onwards, is like watching a dancer evolve - he was constantly adding to his work, experimenting with mediums, styles.

Astad Deboo
- Lalitha Venkat
An interview done in 2001 when Astad visited Chennai for a performance.

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