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K S Mahadevan and T S Parthasarathy
- G Sundari, Chennai

October 17, 2006

I have known K S Mahadevan since his Indian Express days. But I first knew him only as a cricket reporter. I realized only much later that he was the same Mahadevan who was writing on music and dance. His knowledge of both cricket and the fine arts was very deep indeed. When we used to go for cricket matches, I still remember how lustily he used to cheer every time the batsman hit a boundary or sixer and we used to tease him that he would fall off! He also used to love to eat at the Rayar Hotel near the Chepauk Cricket Grounds.

He was always welcomed by elders and young people alike because of his genial manners. We shall indeed miss this gentleman when we attend concerts or watch cricket matches.

T S Parthasarathy was a friend of mine when he was working in the railways. He was a good friend of Kalakshetra, especially of Sankara Menon. His immense knowledge of Carnatic music especially, helped him write beautifully about concerts and musicians. I know many dance and music students who have benefited by studying with him or consulting him.

Whenever Peria Sarada was not available for me for consultation on any fine arts subject, perhaps when she was busy with the dance dramas of Kalakshetra, I used to call TSP who would readily provide me with the needed information. His translation of St Thyagaraja's krithis is a valuable book and is a must have for all those who wish to know the spirit with which Thyagaraja has composed these songs.

After reading his review about the book 'Nirmalam: The Genius of S Sarada' in The Hindu, I spoke to him. He was very moved by the book and expressed a desire to see Sarada. He said, "Please bring her in a car and I will come in my wheelchair to the verandah of my house and we could speak." I regret that I was unable to take Sarada to meet him. They were such good friends. I never imagined that he would pass away so soon.

He lived a beautiful life and was a beautiful person, with much thought for others and their well being.

G Sundari was a member of Kalakshetra's Executive Committee for a number of years and also assistant editor of the Kalakshetra Quarterly. Sundari retired in 1989 and continues to do publicity for the Theosophical Society.

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