'Sadinchaney' was the first of the pancharatna kritis of Saint Tyagaraja to enter the Bharatanatyam repertoire courtesy Kamala and her guru Vazhuvoor Ramiah Pillai.
'Kuttrala Kuravanji' was the first dance drama to be produced by Rukmini Devi in 1944. It was composed by Thirukkuda Rajappa Kavirayar with music composed by Sri Veenai Krishnamachariar.
"Sailusa" is the term used to refer to an actor/dancer in the Sukla Yajur Veda.
E Krishna Iyer was inspired to learn Bharatanatyam by watching his friend Rangavadivelu who danced in female costumes in a dance company.
Manipuri guru Bipin Singh was the first to teach his students to play the 'pung' so vital to the Manipuri dance.
The Jhaveri sisters who first played the drum on stage, created a stir among traditionalists, for women in Manipur were not allowed to even touch the instrument.
Jayammal, Balasaraswati's mother, who sang for Bala's performances was the daughter of the legendary 'Veena' Dhanammal.
Meenakshisundaram Pillai actually came to Chennai when he was over 65 to teach Rukmini Devi. Till then, students had to go to Pandanallur and stay with him.
Barbara Vijayakumar is the first woman and first foreigner to be taught chutti - Kathakali makeup - in 1974 by Kalamandalam Govinda Warrior at a time when there were strict rules of admittance to
Kerala Kalamandalam.
There are about 160 dance compositions in the Seraikella Chhau dance tradition and Rajkumar Suddhendra alone has danced all of them.
The earliest form of classical dance in India to have been presented outside India, that too in a very professional manner, was the Seraikella Chhau of Bihar.In 1938, the Royal Chhau Dancers of Seraikella went on a tour of Europe.
The 3 main schools of nattuvangam that have come down to us through the years were evolved in the villages of Pandanallur, Vazhuvoor and Thanjavur town in Tamilnadu.
Before the beginning of the 20th century, no male dancer danced as a male. He donned the sthreevesha to impersonate a female. The 1st male dancer to give Bharatanatyam performance as a male was Ram Gopal.
Dr.Nataraj Ramakrishna, erudite scholar and the greatest guru responsible for reviving the ancient temple dance forms of Andhra Natyam and Perrini was born in Bali Islands in 1933.
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