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The Agamas prescribe certain mudras for thiruvaradhana, says P.T. Seshadri, and explains some of them. When Surabhi mudra is performed, the fingers take the shape of the cow's udder. Surabhi also means Kamadhenu, the divine cow. Kamadhenu's milk is said to be nectar. This mudra must be done over the vessels containing water. It is believed that when this mudra is done, Kamadhenu's milk enters the water and purifies it. Graasa mudra is shown when food is offered to the deity. Anjali mudra melts Vishnu's heart. There are at least 28 mudras given in the Pancharatra Agamas and are to be used in temple worship.
('Natya, an integral part of temple worship' by Suganthy Krishnamachari, The Hindu Friday Review, May 28, 2020)

The outfit called the 'Anarkali' was named after a dancer, and came to us via the courtesans or tawaifs of the Mughal era. It was given that specific length and silhouette so that it would flare as the dancer whirled.
('The 'Tawaifs' of Shahjahanabad' by Debasish Das, Live History India, March 11, 2020)

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