Shivarama kavi of Nellore who composed a work titled Rati Vilasam mentions in the foreword of his work that King Shahji married Rupa Bai of Telangana who belonged to a Pingali Reddy family. Thirty artistes went with her to Thanjavur and along with them went several desi traditions of the Telangana region.
(‘The Bhagavata traditions and Kuchipudi: The Telangana Connection’ by Anupama Kylash, Nartanam, Oct– Dec 2016)

In the seventh chapter of Nritta Ratnavali, Jayappa discusses in detail various aspects of Perini including the qualifications required for a Perini dancer. The make-up prescribed by Jayappa for a Perini dancer is that he should wear ornaments made of seashells or gold. He should apply ash all over the body and set his hair upright. He should hold a dummy cobra or a wand in one hand and chamaram in the other.
(‘Perini: A virile dance form’ by Gudipudi Srihari, Nartanam, Oct– Dec 2016)

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