Jayadeva, the composer of the Ashtapathi, conducted dance performances of his wife Padmavathi in the Jaganatha Temple in Puri. He sang the Ashtapathi while his wife danced.
Narayana Thirtha, the composer of Krishna Leela Tarangini taught music and dance pertaining to Tarangams to the Bhagavathas of the village Varahoor in Tanjore district.
Syama Sastri, the well known composer taught abhinaya of his Swarajati Kamakshi Anudinamu in Bhairavi raga, to a Brahmin girl and conducted her performances.
The saint composer Thyagaraja once visited Veena Kuppayyar's house and was delighted to see girls dancing. He has immortalised his experience in the charanam of the kriti Venugana Loluni in Kedaragowla raga which was composed impromptu.
Swayamprava Mishra nicknamed Loma got an entry in the prestigious Limca Book of Records in 1997 as the youngest Odissi dancer of India. She was just four years old and had by then performed the traditional Odissi repertoire from Jayadeva's 'Geetagovinda'.
On March 8,1995, Jhelum Paranjpe of Smitalay created history when she presented an all-women Odissi dance performance in which, starting from accompanists to stage decorators, it was an all women show.
Patra jati is a short passage of jati associated with a particular character and recited whenever the character enters the stage.
Antyajati is a jati associated with the conclusion of a dance drama.
Mukhajati is a jati used during the commencement of a scene.
Makuta jati is a jati recited at the end of each section of a composition.
Poet Vallathol Narayana Menon founded the Kerala Kalamandalam in 1932.
MELAPPADAM, a classic on Kathakali was authored by Kalamandalam Krishnankutty Poduval.
CHOLLIYATTAM is the terminology associated with the system of classroom training in Kathakali.
Vadivelu of the Tanjore quartette introduced the concept of Mohiniattam dancing. Kathakali was the dance form prevalent in Kerala till then and was confined to male dancers. Vadivelu added some Bharathanatyam techniques to Kathakali and added some grace to it and named it Mohiniattam and this paved way for women dancers in Kerala.
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