The dancers of the Big Temple at Thanjavur (Tamilnadu) were referred to as Thalicheripendugal and came from temples in many villages. Some places such as Tiruvarur and Tiruvaiyaru sent many dancers to the Big Temple. Pandanallur sent only one.
(Dr. R Nagaswamy in his lecture 'Rajaraja's Inscriptional Document on his Endowment for 400 Dancers at the Thanjavur Temple.')

A Cambodian king is said to have appointed 1,000 dancers in a temple, but no king other than Raja Raja so meticulously recorded every provision he had made for artists, says Dr. Nagaswamy, former director, Department of Archaeology, Tamil Nadu.

Padma Subrahmanyam, who has visited the Prambanan temple in Indonesia, says it was built 150 years prior to the Brihadeeswara temple in Thanjavur. She thinks Raja Raja Chola, who built the temple, received the idea to sculpt the karanas from the Prambanan temple, which had karana sculptures.
('How karana sculptures in Big Temple were discovered' by TS Subramanian, The Hindu, Sept 24, 2010)

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