Perrini dance form was a virile male dance art, reflective of Lord Siva's tandavam.

If the whole of Ramayana in the three existing plays are to be performed together, there are some special rituals and conditions. The 3 plays Chudamani, Abhisheka and Pratima are intermingled and the full play in 21 Acts, takes a full year to perform. Rama's coronation (Pattabhisheka) is presented on the last day.
('Kudiyattam in temples' by Ammannur Madhava Chakyar, Nartanam, May Aug 2008)

The earliest reference to Bandha in Orissa is by Mahesvara Mahapatra in his Abhinayachandrika. The treatise also describes a contortion bandha variety called vibhanga.

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