The Darpana Library in Ahmedabad has a collection of more than 10,000 books on various subjects especially on art, culture, anthropology, the history of art and art related journals. The library is open to all members of Natarani.

When Uday Shankar saw the 60-year-old Vedantam Lakshminarayana Sastry perform in Hyderabad on January 13, 1942, the skill and excellence of the performance moved Uday Shankar so much, that he prostrated before the great artiste.

K Venkatalakshamma, exponent of the Mysore school of Bharatanatyam was the only court dancer of Mysore who did not belong to the devadasi community. She belonged to the Lambani community.

She was appointed as court dancer of the Mysore court when she was 22 years old. She retired from that post when she was 55 years of age.

For more then 15 years till he moved to Madras, Vedantam Lakshminarayana Sastry never missed visiting Kuchipudi village for Sivaratri to do abhinaya in Kuchipudi in Ramalingeswaraswamy temple where he was initiated into dance.

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