Ramakrishna's obsession for the construction of a memorial to the legendary dancer Taramati, a court dancer of the Asaf Jahi King, Kuli Kutb Shah, bore fruit. He convinced people that Taramati, a dancer, and Premavati, a singer - both of them sisters - who lived and practiced the arts in Taramati Baradari reflected the essence of Indian art traditions which never had caste and religious discriminations. The government respectfully conceded to the request made by Ramakrishna and renovated the present monument. It has become a place for an annual festival of music and dance, reflecting the cosmopolitan culture of Andhra.
('Nataraja Ramakrishna: Crusader and Visionary' by M. Nagabhushana Sarma, Nartanam, Oct-Dec 2016)

Kathakali actor Kalamandalam Gopi has performed the role of Nala in 'Nalacharitham' over 5000 times.
('Kathakali's evergreen hero' by KK Gopalakrishnan, Nartanam vol XVIII, #2, April - June 2018)

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