Swati Tirunal is reported to be the first Hindi poet from the South.
(Kanak Rele, 'Mohini Attam' chapter in “Mohiniattam: The Lyrical Dance”).

Muthukumara Pillai is the only nattuvanar known to have danced, that too professionally, as a soloist and above all in the garb of a devadasi.
(“Lord's Servitor and Great Dance Master” by Mohan Khokar, page 16, Sruti, Issue 108, Sept 1993).

S M Sreeramulu Naidu was the filmmaker who introduced Kamala to Tamil cinema. The film was “Jagadalaprathapan” (1944). Being folklore, Kamala performed the “Snake Dance” in the 'nagalokam' (world of snakes) sequence. Her dance in the film was choreographed by her guru Ramiah Pillai. She was barely 10.
(“She danced her way to stardom” by Randor Guy, The Hindu, Madras, Jan 7, 2002).

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