Along with motorcycle rider Prakruti N Banwasi, Bharatanatyam dancer Divya Raghuram has gone on 'The Karnataka Trail' where they covered a distance of 3181 km in a riding time of 49.46 hours.

Artistic excellence in portraying Lord Krishna's consort Satyabama in 'Bhamakalapam', in her varying moods of ardent lover, jealous wife, passionate admirer and harsh critic was the standard of judging a dancer's prowess. For his wondrous interpretations, Vempati Venkatanarayana (1871 - 1935) was known as the 'Kaliyuga Satyabama'.

In the Mahabaratha, Arjuna is carried to the court of Indra where he learns music and dance. He uses this later to teach a Virata princess.

Of the Tamil texts that have survived, the Silappadikaram (500 BC to 500 AD) which makes many significant references to dance, refers to the techniques, teaching, presentation and repertoire of dance besides containing the first written reference to an arangetram or a debut performance.

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