Nataraja Ramakrishna's teacher (Rajamma of the Devadasi tradition from Sri Kalahasti) taught him to attune his voice with the tinkling noise that reverberated in the temple precincts when the temple pillar was struck with a stone.  This helped him in later years to work on the "vibration theory" of sound and its impact on dance.
('Nataraja Ramakrishna: Crusader and Visionary' by M. Nagabhushana Sarma, Nartanam, Oct– Dec 2016)

At the Edinburgh Festival in 1963, Balasaraswati danced a different program every night for 8 nights in a row. All performances were sold out in advance.
(Exhibition on Bala by Museum of Performing Arts (MOPA) Foundation at Music Academy, Chennai, Jan 2019

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