The sacred epics of Mahabharata, Chandi Purana, Ramayana and many other Puranas describe Ghumura as one of the war dances of Odisha.

In 1912, the Chhau dancers from Baripada staged the “war dance” for the reception given in Kolkata to Emperor George V. The troupe was headed by Ram Chandra Bhanja Deo, the Maharaja of Mayurbhanj, who had choreographed the dance himself. 

Lanka Annapurna was a dancer who could sing and dance. She was beautiful and so popular that her jealous fiancé pushed her off the railway bridge when a train passed by. She lost both her legs and was the first dancer to dance with prostrate legs and not Sudha Chandran.
(Vyjayanthi Kashi in seminar ‘Nayika’ on March 8, 2014)

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