A vibrant feature of Manipuri is the Pung Cholam or Drum dance, in which dancers play on the drum known as Pung while dancing with thrilling leaps and turns to a fast rhythm.

Sangeeta Choodamani by Pratapa Chakravarti, also known as Jagadekamalla (1134 – 1143 AD) contains a whole chapter (chapter V) on nritya, called Nrityadhyaya. (“Textual Traditions in Dance: an overview” by P S R Appa Rao. Nartanam, Jan-Mar 2001)

Lord Krishna has been represented as a dancing God when he danced on the serpent Kaliya, or as Venugopala. But actual representation of Krishna and his dancing came later on in the 17th century with the flourishing of miniature paintings in Northern India.

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