In olden days, people used to flock to 'dargas' to be healed by Sufi saints. Sufi psychology, Sufi music and Sufi dances, especially the symbolic whirling movements which are believed to have therapeutic qualities are now being practiced by many as psychotherapeutic healing. For the past one year, Delhi based Akash Dharmaraj, who is a professional, has been facilitating group healing by Sufi dancing.

P K Anandavalli Kunjamma who was born into a family of Kathakali lovers, is the first woman to write a Kathakali play called 'Akruradhautyam'. Margi Kathakali Institute staged this play and the author herself who has played both male and female roles in Kathakali, played the title role of Kunti. She plans to write another play called 'Vrikasura Vadam'.

In 1996, Cambodia organized the ANGKOR INTERNATIONAL RAMAYANA FESTIVAL, on the lines of the annual Konark Dance Festival in Orissa. In a spectacular manner, musicians and dancers performed on a stage built on the front steps of the Angkor Wat. This rebirth of the arts represented the rebirth of Cambodia under the aegis of the United Nations since 1991.

The flute and the mukhaveena were used as accompanying instruments for dance for centuries. They were replaced by the clarionet. It was Mahadeva Nattuvanar who introduced violin for the first time in dance music in 1860 after adoption of the violin in concert platforms.

In 1991, Manjusri Chaki Sircar choreographed CHAKRA for dancer/choreographer Jacques d"amboise's NATIONAL DANCE INSTITUTE and in the final production, some young students of the Dhananjeyans also particpated.
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