Sankaradeva (1449-1568) and Madhabadeva have mentioned in their writings that instruments like dhol, dhanka, dundubhi, mridanga, sanka, tal, kartal, kahar, go-mukh, pepa, singa, banhi, bina, rabab, sarod etc were being played at that time.
(‘The legacy of Sattriya dance, drama and music’ by Bhabananda Barbayan, Nartanam, Apr – June 2016)

When barely 12 years old, Pankaj Charan Das joined the Hajapuri Theatre in Puri where his famous bandha nritya (the acrobatic movements of the gotipuas) was greatly admired. He also specialized in Thali dance where the dancer performed with feet planted on the rim of a brass plate or Thali.
(‘Indian Classical dance: The Renaissance and Beyond,’ Leela Venkataraman, 2015)

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