The Tandava takes its name from Tandu, the attendant of Shiva, who instructed Bharata (author of the Natya Shastra) in the use of Angaharas and Karanas.

The late Kathakali actor Keezhpatam Kumaran Nair (1915–2007) told this writer that there were moments when he considered ending his life to escape the strenuous practice. As young trainees, when they could not cope with the torturous training sessions and painful punishment, Keezhpatam’s mentor Pattikkamtoti and Kalluvazhi Ittiraricha Menon (1828–1903), who groomed the latter, attempted suicide.
(‘Rigorous training regime’ by KK Gopalakrishnan, The Hindu, Jan 24, 2014)

Mohiniattam guru Kalamandalam Sathyabhama has the unique distinction of being the first woman to head Kerala Kalamandalam.

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