G Venu was the first student from outside the Chakyar community to learn Kudiyattam from his guru Ammanur Madhava Chakyar.

Kattumannarkoil Muthukumara Pillai (1874 – 1960) was born on Oct 27, 1874 in the village of Kattumannarkoil some 14 miles from Chidambaram. His sister Kannamba 3 years younger to him, was offered as a devadasi to the Shiva temple in the village.
(“Lord's Servitor and Great Dance Master” by Mohan Khokar, page 16, Sruti, Issue 108, Sept 1993)

In his drama Malavikagnimitram, poet Kalidasa has a contest between 2 rival dance masters of the royal court as the theme of a court scene.

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