When the country's first Prime Minister Pt Nehru baulked at staying more than a few minutes for a ballet and then called for the choreographer after it ended one and a half hours later, Kelucharan Mohapatra was a challenge to find as he was off busy making paan!
(Leela Venkataraman in 'Three incredible journeys' by Sharon Lowen, The Asian Age, March 20, 2018)

Either the rise of the Arcot Nawabs or the stormy relationship the Ramnad Sethupatis had with the Thanjavur Marathas, Hindustani music and dance tradition found its way into the Maratha court of the Sethupathis. Dancer and research scholar Swarnamalaya Ganesh points out that during her research, she found a painting "on the ceiling of Ramalingavilas palace at Ramanathapuram where the Sethupathi is seated on his throne, flanked by women in saris. The dancer, however, is in a Hindustani costume, with her hands in the jakkini position and behind her the musician/dance master sports a sherwani of sorts, clearly distinguished in clothing from their South Indian audience."
('Thanjavur emerged as a thriving cultural capital under the Marathas' by Kombai S Anwar, The Hindu, April 27, 2018)

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