Pina Bausch's first performance tour in India was in 1979 with Rites of Spring, when her company performed in five cities and ran into some trouble at the last venue, in Kolkata, due to a fleeting glimpse of nudity in the performance. The moral brigade of the Bengali Bhadralok was roused to frothy indignation.
('Chandra is alive' by Sadanand Menon, Arts etc, The New Sunday Express, Jan 27, 2008)

Mati-akharas are the basis on which the physical structure of the Sattriya tradition rests. They are the oral methodology relating to the grammar evolved from local traditions through a process of absorption, filtration and refinement that took place in the Sattra institutions. Some even serve the purpose of fitness exercises.
('Sattriya Dance-an Overview' by Pradip Jyoti Mahanta, Nartanam, Oct-Dec 2002)

From sculptural evidence in the monuments dating from 2nd to 9th c AD, it's evident that dance must have been central to the culture for the sculptors to have been inspired to immortalize it in stone repeatedly over the years.
(Kapila Vatsyayan 'Indian Classical Dance')

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