The Ceylonese Association of Teachers of Dancing awarded the title of “Natyaratna” to the Indian dancer Mohan Khokar in 1947.

The first substantive piece of writing on Kathakali is in French. Published in 1926, it extends to 96 pages and along with illustrations, gives a detailed description of a performance at Kottayam on January 14,1916.

In 1883, when Maharaja Sayaji Rao married a princess fromThanjavur, two devadasis along with a full complement of musicians came as part of the dowry to the Baroda Darbar.

Some early photographs of Martha Graham, during her tenure with the Denishawn Dance Company, show her dressed in Indian costumes performing “Three Poems of the East” and “Three Gopi Maidens”. Later on, when Graham charted her own path, she created choreography of works like “Flute of Krishna”.

Martha Graham usually cast herself at the center of her works until 1969, when she gave her last performance and retired reluctantly from the stage at the age of 75.
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