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Describing her arrival into Sholapur for a performance, Ragini Devi said: “My tonga led the procession, the bells on the horses jingling merrily. On the way we passed a brass band escorting a huge sign fixed on a bullock cart announcing the dance performance of Ragini Devi, world famous dancer. People stopped to stare at our cavalcade of musicians with red fezes, turbans, and musical instruments, and the baggage carts in charge of the Pathan, in his turban and pajamas. It was like a circus coming to town!”
(‘Dancing in the family’ by Sukanya Rahman)

The high profile guru of Mylapore was Vazhuvoor Ramaiah Pillai. He was a star among nattuvanars and looked and acted his part to perfection. He taught many students, the foremost being Kumari Kamala. One would see him attired in the zari dhoti, angavastram, silk kurta, diamond kadukkan ear-rings, gold chains with talismans, his forehead smeared with vibhuti and highlighted by an oval shaped kumkum mark. He commanded not only much respect in Madras, but also an impressive fee for his expertise.
(‘That magnificent migration’ by Lakshmi Vishwanathan, The Hindu Friday Review, Aug 21, 2014)

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