Pandarika Vitthala who wrote the Nartanatanirnaya in the 16th century, served in the courts of Hindu as well as Muslim rulers and was equally authoritative on dance, music, rhetoric and lexicology of both North and South India, including Persian music and folk idioms of dancing. As a gesture of appreciation to his great scholarship, he was honored by Akbar with the title 'Akbariya Kalidasa.'
('Nartananirnaya of Pandarika Vitthala' by Priyasri V Rao, Nartanam, Oct-Dec 2002)

Before performing Maanbhum (Purulia) type of Chhau, 5 types of prayers namely Akahra Vandana, Sabha Vandana, Ghumal Vandana, Ganesh Vandana and Urna Vandana are sung.
('Chhau: The dance of Jharkhand' by Manjeet Sehgal, Heritage, June 1996)

Kathakali vocalist Hyder Ali was only 11 when he joined Kalamandalam and his first performance was at the age of 14. Hyder Ali, was the first non-Hindu Kathakali musician, and he faced many difficulties in performing in some temple festivals in earlier days, when Kathakali was held inside temples.

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