Rukmini Devi was born in Madurai exactly at 12 noon on pournami thithi (full moon day) on 29th February 1904. (Sunil Kothari, “The Life and Times of Rukmini Devi Arundale”, Nartanam – Vol III, No. II Apr – June 2003).

Prior to the 13th century, no Tamilnadu inscription – whether of the Cholas, Pandyas or any other chieftains – contains the Sanskrit word Nataraja. Dancing Shiva was known in Chola territory as adavallan (master of dance), kuttadavallan (master who dances the dance), tillai ambalattu kuttan (dancer in the hall of Thillai), chitrambalatt kuttan (dancer of Chidambaram) and kuttu perumal (Lord of dance).
- Vidya Dehejia
(“Splendour in Metal” by S Rangarajan, The Hindu Chennai, Feb 9, 2003).

In the koothambalams of the Vadakkumnatha temple at Trissoor and Irinjalakkuda temple, koothu is being conducted to this day.

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