“There was an occasion when Balamma came to Bombay to perform at Patkar Hall on Peddar Road. When my parents went backstage to meet her she said, ‘I am so hungry. Can you please take me to your house? I feel like having pongal and gotsu.’ Ameer Khan was also there and expressed his desire to join Balamma. My mother rushed back home to prepare pongal. The late-night dinner was followed by Ameer Khan’s singing and Balamma doing her abhinaya and singing along. It was bliss.”
(Aruna Sairam in ‘Aruna Sairam on lessons learnt from great gurus’ by Chitra Mahesh, The Friday Hindu Review, Dec 9, 2016)

Carnatic musician M.S. Subbulakshmi learnt Bharatanatyam for a short time from Guru Vazhuvoor Ramiah Pillai in Madras.

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