According to Dr. Seetha, it was Mahadeva Nattuvanar who first used the clarinet for performing Carnatic music. Even during Serfoji's reign it was being used as an accompaniment for the chinna melam (the lesser ensemble) which accompanied the dance performances of the Devadasis.
('Western connection' by Sriram Venkatakrishnan in The Hindu Friday Review, Aug 8, 2008)

Chandralekha and Pina Bausch met for the first time in 1988, in Pina's small town Wuppertal, which is also home to the Folkwang Dance School (Folkwang Hochschule), the premier contemporary dance institute in Germany. Chandra was on a tour with her celebrated production Angika. The audience gave her 17 curtain-calls (encores). Later at dinner, Pina assured Chandra that 17 curtain-calls were unusual even for Germany and Wuppertal had a highly dance-literate audience.
('Chandra is alive' by Sadanand Menon, Arts etc, The New Sunday Express, Jan 27, 2008)

Among the art organizations in Chennai, Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha was founded in 1896. The Music Academy was formally inaugurated on August 18, 1928. Indian Fine Arts Society was founded in 1932, Tamil Isai Sangam in 1942, the Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha in 1947, Mylapore Fine Arts Club in 1951, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha in 1954, Narada Gana Sabha in 1958.

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