About 20 sets of miniature paintings, mainly in Rajasthani, Gujarati, and Pahari schools, with nearly 2,000 folios have been recorded. This explains the popularity of the Gita Govinda in a universal context.
('A classic redeemed' by Suresh Kohli, The Hindu Friday Review, Nov 23, 2007)

The Indian Fine Arts Society's self-effacing nature extended to not having a hall of its own. The early venues for its conferences were Gokhale Hall and Soundara Mahal on Govinda Naicken Street, Chennai. It used the latter whenever women from the devadasi community sang or danced, Annie Besant having decreed that Gokhale Hall was not open to performances by devadasis.
('A sabha 75 years old' by S Muthiah, The Hindu Metro Plus, Dec 10, 2007)

Daruvu in Kuchipudi dates back to the period when Bharata wrote Natya Shastra. It mentioned 200 Dhruva Gaanas - epitomes of composite skills - that underline the art of dance and drama.

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