Kathak guru Maya Rao and her sisters Uma and Chitra were the first girls from the Saraswat community to take to dance. Guru U S Krishna Rao also hails from the same community but he was spared the societal barbs specially reserved for young women.
(Guru Maya Rao, by Ashish Khokar, p 21)

Once when Ragini Devi used a phonograph record of a snake charmer's pungi for one of her dances, a cobra glided on to the stage and raised its head. The electrician of the theatre told her the cobra was a long time dweller of the theater and it was considered a good omen. (Desideratum, Dance Dialects of India by Ragini Devi, p19)

The Janaki Prasad Gharana is a branch of the Jaipur style of Kathak that flourishes in Benares.

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