It is said that as Shiva dances, the Gods of the Hindu pantheon accompany him - Saraswathi on the veena, Vishnu on the mridangam, Indira on the flute, Laksmi with vocals and Brahma on the cymbals.

The Natya Sastra has 7 of its 36 chapters devoted to music, especially the composition and singing of songs related to dance recitals.

During the time of the devadasis when dance was performed in the temples, the 2 essential instruments used were nadasvaram and tavil. These are still played at every religious and auspicious ceremony in South India.

Suddha Nrittam was revived and reconstructed by Mangudi R Durairaja Iyer (1900 - 1980) who also revitalized other obsolete forms like Perrani and Bhattasa. He wrote the 'Svabodha Bharata Navanitam' in Tamil, an authentic book on Bharatanatyam. Revathi Ramachandran was the only pupil to whom the guru taught Suddha Nrittam.

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