In 1938, the Music Academy conducted its entire season in the compound of the Woodlands Hotel on Westcott Road. K Krishna Rao, the founder of the chain, had just embarked on his first hotel and the season brought him publicity and patronage.
(Sriram V in 'Season of music, and commerce' in The Hindu, Dec 12, 2010)
The singing tradition of Thevarams belongs completely to the Odhuvars of Tamizh Nadu. They were officially appointed and paid to sing these hymns in the Saivaite temples by Raja Raja Chola in the 12th century, a tradition that still continues.
(TM Krishna in 'Decoding the gramaraga' in The Hindu, Jan 2, 2011)
In the Sangeeta Darpana and Sangeeta Muktavali, we come across yati-nritta and raganuga-yati-nritta and sabda-nritta and the abhinaya of particular types of songs all of which brings us to the threshold of the modern period and form really the forerunners of the jatiswaram and sabdam, the second and third items of a Bharatanatyam program.
('Uparupakas and Nritya-Prabhandas' by Dr. V Raghavan, Nartanam, May - Aug 2008)
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