The Films Division of the Govt. of India has made a documentary film “DANCE OF THE GOD” on Mahua Mukherjee's work on
Gaudiya Nritya, directed by Derek Bose.

There's an inscription in the Hatigumpha cave at Udayagiri (Orissa) which states in the 5th line that King Kalingadhipathi Maharaj Kharevala (a Jain monarch who ascended the throne in 103 BC) was an expert in the Gandharva Vidhya (music and dance) and that he arranged a performance of Darpa Nritya (Ugra or forceful) and Vaditra Nritya (Lasya or lyrical) and music for the pleasure of his people.
(Dance Dialects of India by Ragini Devi)

At the center of the Prambanan complex in Indonesia, are the majestic structures devoted to the Hindu trinity – Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. The Shiva temple is reported to have been constructed in 915AD. The continuity of the Hindu influence is reflected in the fact that the Ramayana dance festival is held from May to October every year on full moon nights in the open air theatre nearby.
(“Karana-s in dance sculptures” by A Seshan, Nartanam, vol III, #3, p 18/19, July – Sept 2003).

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