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Over the years, several legendary musicians have agreed that a raga may or may not respond in the same way on each day or during every concert. Ustad Ali Akbar Khan once recalled how the gandhaar of Yaman was vibrating in such a manner that he found it difficult to render it that day.
('Spirituality in abstraction' by Meena Banerjee, The Hindu Friday Review, Sept 25, 2020)

Swati Tirunal was well-versed in Sopana Sangeetham, since his family had many famous Kathakali playwrights (the libretto in Kathakali is rendered in Sopana ragas). Also, scholars have pointed out that all Manipravala compositions of Swati Tirunal are in the Sopana style.
('The wandering singer of Kerala' by GS Paul, The Hindu Friday Review, Oct 2, 2020)

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