Sam Goldwyn (American film producer): What kind of dancing does Martha Graham do?
Associate: Modern dancing.
Goldwyn: I don’t want her then, modern dancing is so old fashioned!

The Sarva Deva Vilasa, a 19th century Sanskrit work on Madras city (Chennai) paints a picture of a thriving cultural metropolis with singers, dancers, pipers and drummers being active participants in processions, soirees and concerts. In Madras, it was customary for a man of status to be surrounded by musicians wherever he went in the city, noted the English. And they too joined in. Events of great importance to Madras, such as the granting of a charter for starting a Corporation (India’s oldest) in 1688, were occasions for much dancing and performing of country music. Devadasis and musicians accompanied the charter as it was taken around Fort St George.
(‘Accept it, with grace,’ by V. Sriram, The Hindu, Nov 16, 2017)

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