Early in the 11th century, when the hordes of Mahmud of Ghazni attacked Kathiawar and sacked the temple of Somnath, according to Tarikh-i-Firishta and other Persian chronicles of the time, they found 300 musicians and 500 dancing girls in the service of the temple.
(‘Traditions of Indian Classical dance,’ Mohan Khokar, 1979, Chapter ‘Down the centuries’)

One evening, Nala Najan was stabbed on 72nd Street in New York City. “I was walking home when this guy came over to me and stabbed me for no rhyme or reason. The irony of it all is when I looked to see who my roommate at the hospital was, it was the guy who stabbed me! Apparently someone else stabbed him after he had knifed me!”
(Nala Najan in ‘Anna and Me’ by Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury, Sruti issue 210, March 2002)

Nawab Wajid Ali Shah (reigned from1847-56) was very involved with all arts and is credited with the creation of thumri, a form of music and poetry that can be easily used for dancing Kathak and singing.  His thumris were created under the pen name of Kadarpiya.

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