The first attakkatha printed was in 1858, an anthology of 54 plays, at the press of Eswara Pillai Vicharippukar (1815-1874), an acclaimed Kathakali actor of the then Travancore palace.
(KK Gopalakrishnan)

Circle dance is the most common name for a style of traditional dance usually done in a circle without partners to musical accompaniment. It became popular in the alternative, feminist and new age aspects of western culture in the 1980s and 1990s and continues today.

“Nrityam geetabhinayam bhava talayutam bhavet”
The idea is that Lord Shiva’s wonderful dance thandav slowly gained the name ‘nritta’ whereas the dance initiated by Goddess Parvati and meant for women has come to be known as ‘nritya.’
(‘The story of lasya’ by Dr. Vibha Dadheech, Nartanam, Apr-July 2006)

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