Of Vaideeswarankoil Subbaramayyar it has been said that his songs had such a high degree of eroticism that even devadasis shied away from them.
(V Sriram in 'Raaga Romance,' The New Sunday Express, Feb 12, 2006)

Kalamandalam Sankara Warrier is the author of 'Maddalamenna Mangalavadyam.' This is the only comprehensive guide to the playing and understanding of this instrument.

The Gotipua dance was performed in public squares to express the divine love of Krishna and Radha in the language of the people, Oriya, rather than Sanskrit, with an energized, even acrobatic technique to hold audiences.
("Legendary guru Kelucharan Mohapatra", Sharon Lowen, Nartanam Vol IV #2, Apr June 2004)

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