Kattumannarkoil Muthukumara Pillai started teaching dance and music, when he was only 19. (“Lord's Servitor and Great Dance Master” by Mohan Khokar, page 17, Sruti, Issue 108, Sept 1993).

As a choreographer's tool, Merce Cunningham used the computer for his work `Trackers'. It was partly choreographed using a computer system called `Life Forms', devised by Tom Calvert of Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.

The performance of koothu in the classical form was a prolonged affair taking up to forty days, with the chakkiyar not proceeding beyond one sloka or a sequence in a day, and where the chakkiyar held the attention of the audience with pure skill in verbal expression, acting and miming. (PJ Cherian (Ed ), Essays on the Cultural Formation of Kerala) - http://www.keralahistory.ac.in/traditionalperformingartsforems.htm).

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