Kuchipudi guru Vedantam Lakshminarayana Sastry introduced girls into dance and became the visionary leader of contemporary Kuchipudi dance world. For his student Kanchanamala, he designed the first ever costume a female Kuchipudi dancer should wear.

The 2 great works of Natya Sastra and Silappadikaram have played a significant part in enlightening us about the customs and dance practices in ancient India.

Brahma is said to have taken the four Vedas or Books of Knowledge, and created the fifth, the Natya Veda or Book of Drama which not only derives its essence from each of the Vedas, but also represents an introduction to a new mode of expression, that of the performing arts.

From the Rig Veda, the Natya Veda (Book of Drama) derives its text for recitation, from the Sama Veda (Book of Melodies), it has taken enchanting music, from the Yajur Veda (Book of Sacrifices), it has adopted the art of mime, from the Atharva Veda (Book of Spiritual Craft), it has acquired emotional and intellectual appeal.

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