Sattriya dance was developed as a vehicle to spread the Bhakti movement by Srimanta Sankaradeva and his apostle Madhavadeva. They also introduced the regional language as a medium to spread their Bhakti cult..
Odissi guru Mayadhar Raut, the son of a farmer in Orissa, traveled to Cuttack to learn Gotipua dance from Kalicharan Patnaik. He also worked with the Annapurna Theater for 13 years apart from training under Rukmini Devi from 1955-1959.
The prestigious Khamani Auditorium in New Delhi was opened with an inaugural performance of 'Geeta Govinda' by Mayadhar Raut.
In 1958, the 4 Jhaveri sisters were the first non-Manipuris to perform at the Govindji Palace Temple at Imphal, Manipur.
Kathak guru Kumudhini Lakhia is one of the very first women dancers to choreograph not only for the stage but also for films like 'Umrao Jaan' and 'Sur Sangam'.
Mrinalini Sarabhai has been instrumental in bringing folk dance forms from the rural areas and popularized them among urban audiences.
Sharon Lowen is credited with being the first woman and solo artiste to perform Chhau in the Asian Dance Festival held in Hawaii in 1978.
The Evergreen State College, Seattle, sent 25 students, mostly anthropologists, to study Nrityagram and write a paper on focused community from the anthropological view.
The mizhavu-a drum- is a copper vessel with its mouth covered with leather and played on by both hands that is used to provide accompaniment for Koodiyattam performances.
Koodiyattam is the only surviving Sanskrit theater in the land of Sanskrit. These performances were held only in the koothambalam or dance theater which was always to the right of the sanctum.
Koodiyattam performances took place behind a nilavilakku or pedestal lamp with 3 wicks, which signify Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.
Chandu Panikkar was born in 1873 in Trikkayam in a small village in North Malabar. He was presented with a "Veerasrinkala" (a bejewelled wrist ornament) and given the title "Panikkar" by the Samuthiri Raja of Kozhikode as early as 1903.
When he was 85 years old, Chandu Panikkar performed the "Kailasodharanam" of Ravana in "Balivijayam" in the presence of Sri Rajendra Prasad (President) and Pandit Nehru (Prime Minister) at the Presidential Awards in 1958, for one of which he was chosen.
Chandu Panikkar's son, Janardanan is on the staff of Kalakshetra, Chennai. Ambu Panikar's son K P Kunhiraman runs a dance school "Kalanjali" in California, USA.
Kathakali Guru Chandu Panikkar died in 1969 at the age of 97. He continued to dance nearly till his death. He played the role of a Brahmin in "Santanagopalan" (one of his best in Minukku type of roles) at the age of 93 at the Subrahmanya temple, Payyanur.
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