In the 70s, in Sanjay Khan's film titled 'Abdullah,' Astad Deboo choreographed and danced a number with Kalpana Iyer but that was edited out when the film was screened!
Astad has also choreographed the promotional film for 'Omkara.'

Indrani Rahman was the first to present Odissi at the Ted Shawn Theatre in 1960.

It is believed that Rabindranath Tagore's interest in dance took shape when in 1926, the poet's friend Maharaj Veermanakya Singha of Agartala, invited him to Agartala. The Maharaja had arranged for a special dance festival in his honour. This was in Manipuri. The poet was mesmerized by its beauty and made up his mind to teach it to his students at Santiniketan.

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