Shabnam, the first eunuch MLA in India from the state of Madhya Pradesh learnt Kathakali from Guru Gopikrishna in Mumbai.

When Zohra Segal was a student at Dresden's Mary Wigmen dance school, she happened to see her first performance of the Uday Shankar troupe and thought he was a eunuch!! Many years later, his artistic vision became the foundation for her dance career.

Guru Kedarnath first demonstrated Chhau to Rabindranath Tagore in 1938 - 39 with a short enactment from his narrative poem 'Biday Abhishap'. He chose the last scene of separation where Debjani breaks down crying and used many Seraikella movements. This impressed Tagore.

Rukmini Devi had insisted on including Kathakali training in the grooming of male Bharatanatyam dancers at Kalakshetra, since she believed that this would help strengthen their maleness while helping to edge out attributes of effeminacy.

"The Science of Bharatanatyam" written by Bharatanatyam dancer Saroja Vaidyanathan and published in June 1984, was judged by the Yuva Kala Sangam as the best book on music and dance in 1984.

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