Sarangadeva lived in Aurangabad region where he composed Sangeeta Ratnakara in the 13th century.

M.S. Subbulakshmi did a photo series of abhinaya for a Tamil song “Kandadhundo Kannan pol” by ‘Kalki’ Krishnamurti, and also taught abhinaya to Radha (her daughter) and Anandhi (daughter of litterateur Kalki) when they performed together in the 1940s. MS also sang for them.

In her play ‘Vatsakumar’, V.M. Kothainayaki (known as Vai Mu Ko) criticized those who frowned upon Bharatanatyam as being an immoral art. The play was staged at Presidency College, and Carnatic vocalist N.C. Soundaravalli played the heroine. Kothainayaki was born in 1901 and she was a writer, editor, lyricist-composer and freedom fighter.
(‘Much more than a storyteller,’ Suganthi Krishnamachari, The Hindu Fri Review, March 3, 2016)

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