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International World Dance Day Online Festival
MOVE 2023 - 3rd Edition by The KLMovement

- Michelle Jueney

May 9, 2023

Every year dancers from all over the world endeavour to celebrate International World Dance Day Online Festival through much effort, great passion that share the vision in an extremely collaborative, united and joyous process.
Create, Connect, Celebrate "Unity Through Dance".

MOVE 2023

We hope to share our Art with all of you.
This year has been a milestone with the launch of the 'League of Legends' Legacy category. It has truly been an exceptional experience and privilege albeit online meeting, speaking and working with the actual Directors, Dancers, Librarians, Specialists and people behind the Foundations and Trusts who committed and was able in their schedule.

The Legacy Category is an initiative dedicated to dance legends, icons, pioneers, historical dance figures in dance that was envisioned when the project began in 2021.

However, not all can commit in historical sequence because of different time schedules and busy performing schedules. So very proud to have worked with the team of the 1st Modern Dancer in history, which is Isadora Duncan followed by Merce Cunningham. Their contribution and effort on their parts has been immense. Other historical dancers that come before Merce Cunningham are Ted Shawn, Martha Graham and Doris Humphrey.

Isadora Duncan dancers have immense gentleness, kindness and caring nature that is highly impressive. Their extensive global connection and network extends from as far as Germany to US, London to Russia even though Isadora Duncan is American. Their contribution to showcase such an extensive body of work including almost all of Isadora Duncan's entire body of choreography and repertoire was astonishing and their knowledge of her history. The German Library dug out for months, archival footages of Irma dancing but of which they could not extract or be used for commercial purposes but what a treat! The Library of Congress, Washington DC, helped in ensuring No Rights Known images were used and was equally excited. In fact, all of them were when they found out a video presentation on Isadora Duncan wanted to be made for International World Dance Day. The enthusiasm was wonderful. One entire section of the Isadora Duncan's dance works was not shown due to the way it was filmed as it was too distant and the dancers were too small. Nonetheless, the audience will be experiencing almost all of Isadora Duncan's life and work in the 1 hour 38 minute video presentation that was done DIY by the dancers on their phones.

I hope all of you will watch the FIRST dance Merce Cunningham ever performed with world famous artists like Andy Warhol as his set designer and David Tudor as his musician with Merce Cunningham performing in the video and interview and another of his most famous pieces.

What started out as a local effort became an international online birth and salvation during the pandemic and now more contribution to dance can be realized what can't in person. Grateful and lucky doesn't describe the privilege and honour and hope is what we have that this project will not come to an end but will continue on if patronage comes in.

This year we also have descriptions of what makes the characteristics of a particular type or style of dance so that the audience can hopefully appreciate dances even more.

Not many are aware that Ronnarong (Ong) Khampha (Thailand) is the current generation of Thailand's most famous dancer after the senior generation, which is Pichet Klunchun. Ronnarong (Ong) Khampha is a renowned and outstanding classical and traditional dancer from North Thailand with an inborn grace, intuitive feeling, control and handsome stage presence. Ronnarong has captivated audiences with his incredible technique and fluid strength and softness and must be watched live in his bare bodied classical repertoires of traditional Thai dance.

Kim Minsu (Korea) is a highly skilled dancer in his solos of incredible high leaps and technically graceful physique; check out his Instagram. He is the recipient of the President Award of the Korea Dance Association at the Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition and participated as a 2021/22 German and Switzerland tour dancer at the Quorum Ballet's 'Rite of Spring.' He has been a member of the Plauen-Zwickau Ballet since the 2022/23 season whilst still leading his dance company LucasCrew. He has chosen to showcase his fun side, absolutely brilliant choreography in 'Passion x 3' which I think the world needs always.

Manu Jagadish from India is a child protégé having performed at the age of 3 and at only 16 years old now can be compared to world-class professional Indian classical dancers in his genre that have not even mastered the dance as he has. This boy is special. Watch him.

Shamitha Hettige of Sri Lanka is a gentle and kind soul, established and sought-after dancer with a wide following and has demonstrated to the world the lesser known National Dance of Sri Lanka, 'Kandyan Dance' which is not often watched or seen in certain parts of the world, filmed and danced beautifully.

Then we have Gabrielle Duval (France/Germany) that came to me like a gift to finally show what Physical Theatre is to people that do not understand it and make fun of it. I hope that after watching Gabrielle's work commission and filmed by the world famous Folkwang Tanzstudio, people will respect and understand more the physicality required to do physical theatre. This is just one example where the subtleness of this work can easily be missed but to the arts connoisseur most definitely not. I believe even the lay person will be able to tell the difference.

Lastly, we have two boys Kirby Dunzell Teraza and Marveen Ely Lozano who are also award winning film actors from the Philippines that were enthusiastic as they were talented. One thing the Philippines are so good at is their choice of music.

We are still not funded or sponsored, so please patron all of us in any way you can by contacting us directly to invite and encourage more live performances. It is extremely hard on a dancer to perform sporadic stints.

This project has shown me how advanced certain countries are in the Arts compared to others plagued by problems almost every step of the process by all levels of society.

This platform needs your support. #PatronADancerNOW

View the videos at YouTube Channel

Happy dancing thoughts,
Michelle Jueney

Michelle is trained in Odissi dance from Sutra Dance Theatre. She has been performing Odissi for the past 22 years and has made it her life. She is an artistic director, dancer, choreographer, educator, designer and writer. Michelle endeavours to promote the Arts and will forever be in the blissful state of dance.

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