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"What is dance to you?"
- Tejsree Beharee

May 10, 2020

What is dance to you?
I am often asked!
Sometimes it is a prayer
Offered daily
Where I express my gratitude and I ask for positivity in life

At times I dance the nritta (pure dance movements) to be thankful for my physical health
At other times I dance the nritya (expressional dance) to be grateful for my emotional well-being
And many times I teach this beautiful art, to share its positivity to my surrounding

Sometimes it is a science
Calculated through physics, biology, and chemistry

As I dance, I balance the angles of movements with the lines of symmetry in my body
I play with the surge of adrenaline where my will to perform well osmoses the fear of stage
Each time forming a covalent relationship between my weakness and strength on the way of improvement

Sometimes it is a culture
Which has become a way of life

From dance, I distill the moral values and traditions of its myths and history
Which I connect with the aesthetics of the classical and the folk
And bond with the empathy of understanding change and moving to the contemporary

What is dance to you?

Tejsree Beharee is a Bharatanatyam student and teacher from Mauritius. She is currently in her second-year completing a Masters degree in Bharatanatyam from the University of Madras.

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